High Heels that Won't Hurt Your Feet or Bank Account

Do you get intimidated by wearing high heels? These shoes are not a walk in the park. But not all of them are impossible to wear. They will take you to new heights and still be comfortable.


But before we go into that, let's first discuss why some are not fans of high heels. The most obvious is the pain and discomfort. In addition, high-heeled shoes, and sometimes, even mid heels, alter your balance and move your centre of gravity, impairing stability and increasing the risk of you toppling forwards.


Other complaints include:


  • Structural changes in the foot like bunions and hammertoe.
  • Stress in the lower back.
  • Impact on gait and posture.


There are many styles of women's heels, including low heels, kitten heels, stilettos, etc., and they come in several styles, such as court heels, heeled boots, wedges, pumps, boots, peep toe, etc. However, throughout the ages, women always have this dilemma—finding that favourite pair that will always make them put their best foot forward!


So say hello to your new favourite, the high-heeled block footwear. Don't get turned off by using women's high heels. This is the style godsend you will love!


This footwear gives you the height and comfort to get you through anything, whether work or parties. Also, this footwear makes your legs look longer, your ankles thinner, and overall, makes you taller. Most importantly, they spread your weight evenly, taking the pressure off the balls of your feet and other body parts.


Once you see all the available styles of these shoes at Wildfire, you'll know which to pick. When you shop online, you can see our collection and dream about putting together that outfit or dress for that special occasion!


Or, to make it easier for you, let our team give you a rundown of the block shoes that won't hurt your feet or bank account. We have you covered!


On top of that, the high heels at Wildfire are stylish and versatile too! Read on to learn more!




If you're wondering why these look familiar, you might have seen old pictures of your mother wearing them in her childhood. Platform high heels mean extra padding and support, mainly if you expect long hours of standing and walking during your day.


Even though they are towering, these are comfortable because your feet are not at a narrow incline. There is also the elevation at the front part of the footwear, so they aren't uncomfortable.


You can follow some style tips for this footwear that (literally) elevate your look by matching it with jeans and a collared top for a preppy twist. Then, pair your baggy and oversized ensemble with the platform shoes.  




While Cinderella wore heels during that fateful ball, we're sure she didn't have straps. As such, she left a glass slipper behind.


With Wildfire's strappy high-block heels, you will get the best of both worlds: a broad and thick heel that provides utmost comfort and ankle straps that keep them in place. So you need not worry about leaving one behind as you walk, dance, mingle, and socialise the night away.


This versatile footwear is so comfortable and affordable that it will become your favourite in no time! We're sure you'll love them for work, and you can because Wildfire heels are so versatile.


From skirts and shorts to long and short formal dresses, even gowns, these high heels will see you through your event!


Is a wedding on the horizon for you?


If yes, we recommend these strappy high-block heels because they are ideal for indoor and (especially) outdoor ceremonies. In addition, you will not worry about getting stuck in soil, grass, or sand because the thick block will not dig itself into them, unlike stilettos.


Tips to Help You Wear Heels Confidently


Tip 1—Practice


Start walking on your toes around the house to strengthen your calves before you get your new Wildfire high heels. Doing this will give you more confidence, muscle memory, and control.


Once you have your Wildfire heels, try them on as many types of flooring as you can, including carpet, slick surfaces, and stairways.


Tip 2—Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe


As you walk, mentally repeat "heel-toe; heel-toe." You should rock each foot front to back when moving forward while wearing high heels. Also, avoid putting your whole foot down at once.


Tip 3—Take Your Time in Small Steps When Walking


As your centre of gravity changes when wearing high heels, it can be challenging to stay balanced. Also, as the height of the shoe increases, your stride gets shorter, so you should take tiny steps instead of your usual stride.


Tip 4—Increase Your Wearing Time Gradually


We suggest you get used to wearing high heels for long periods since most events last 4 hours. Increase the length of the time intervals each day leading up to your event. Work your way up from thirty minutes to an hour the following day, then 1.5 hours, until walking in high heels becomes second nature.


Tip 5—Ensure Your High Heels Fit


It's difficult, if possible, to walk when wearing ill-fitting high heels. Breaking in your new pair is one way to ensure they fit correctly.


When practising walking in your high heels around the house, use thick socks to break them in quickly. Your pair will gently stretch when you do this and shape themselves to fit your feet. Would a technique involving a blow-dryer also expand your new high heels?


Please wear your shoes and thick socks, then wiggle your toes as you blow dry them! Purchase a pair of socks from Wildfire. By stretching your shoes to the right size, you can avoid blisters and other foot problems.


Attend Events in the Most Comfortable (Block Heels) and Affordable High Heels Around!


With all the styles and tips we provided, you can now choose comfortable and affordable footwear. Not only that, you can strut around in stylish ones too! Have you zeroed in on the high heels you want?


If yes, it's time to buy the footwear you deserve! Head to Wildfire's online shop or nearest retailer! Our flexible payment systems allow you to buy now and pay for your item(s) later. Throw in a clutch to complete the look!