High Heels That Won’t Kill Your Feet!

Are you finished with high heels that hurt your feet? Buy your shoes from Wildfire this season! Our gorgeous high heels are supportive, comfortable, and fashionable too! 


Do you struggle to wear platforms for prolonged periods? 


Don’t worry, because you aren’t alone! Plenty of people find it challenging to wear high heels for an entire day (or evening). Many women don’t or won’t wear platforms to work each week. If you aren’t someone who spends a lot of time in high heels, then you might find it hard to stay comfortable when you wear them out to a party or other event. 


Not only you have to adjust how you walk and move in these sorts of shoes, but you’ll also feel more pressure in your calves, ankles and feet than what you would be used to with flats. So, how can Wildfire ensure that customers stay cosy in high heels?


Well, we design styles with the best comfort and support in mind!


Take home high heels from Wildfire, and you can feel confident about wearing them out for hours and hours. If you want to dance the night away or enjoy a big wedding without getting sore feet, then our styles are the shoes to choose!


This season, our preferred pick is Wildfire’s excellent block-based high heels. The broad platforms on these styles will spread your body weight evenly through your legs and prevent muscle strain. While we have classic pairs in this look, Wildfire also has ones with skinny side profiles that are just as effective!


Our wedged high heels are a trendy pick for 2021! 


Do you want shoes that combine seamless comfort with cutting-edge fashion? You’ll adore our wedged high heels! These platforms will bring a bold look to any outfit. While they have high heels, our wedges have chunky soles, so the first few centimetres come free of strain or muscle pain.


Also, since you have an entire sole to balance on when you wear our wedges, you’ll enjoy unrestricted movement and better balance. Our favourites for 2021 come with contrasting soles, round silver ankle buckles, and chic leather-look straps. 


Are you not a huge fan of high heels?


If the idea of wearing a tall set of platforms makes you nervous, then you should take a look at our collection of lower styles instead! Wildfire’s short stiletto styles and block-based shoes are the perfect picks for ladies who want a bit of height without getting wobbly or sore.


Not to mention, these designs are just as trendy and fun as our high heels. And, with dozens of different pairs to browse through and try in 2021, you’ll feel spoiled for choice. You won’t find slide-on styles with braided toe bands, but you will find those features on our modest platforms! 


Do you need additional support in your high heels?


As we’ve mentioned, Wildfire styles get designed for the best all-round comfort and support. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get even cosier in your new set of high heels! Grab some innersoles, heel grips, gel cushions, or other inserts, and you’ll treat your feet to the ultimate support experience! 


We have a mix of fabric, foam, and gel accessories, so you can pick the level of cushioning that you want in your high heels. We recommend the thinner foam and fabric inserts for ladies who are already pretty comfy in their shoes. 


The thicker gel add-ins, on the other hand, are best for women who want to wear their high heels all day or night and not worry about their feet! Which accessories do you think would suit your needs this season? 

Browse your options online today!

Wildfire’s high heels are the shoes you need to get!