High Heels That Won’t Leave You In Pain!

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “The higher the heel, the closer you are to god!” or, “Life is short, heels shouldn’t be!” In our opinion, these quotes are outdated and somewhat irrelevant. High heels have become more of a burden to some women than a beloved fashion accessory. So why not take our word for it and give those high heels the toss?


It's time to trade in your sky-high flared heels for something slightly shorter and less painful. They are still technically high heels, but they are just a lower kitten style. Still, add some height and formality to your outfit without the uncomfortable tall stiletto stilt.


To tell you the truth, we are secretly loving the fact that these 90s classics are making their way back into our wardrobes! So, without further ado, let's take a walk down memory lane and have a look at Wildfire’s 90s inspired kitten styles and fall in love with these classic high heel shoes all over again!


Forget the tiny kitten midlow heels that your mum made you wear to school dances and discos in your tweens, despite your countless attempts to persuade your mum otherwise!


At Wildfire, our kitten styles have had a revamp. Our short heels pump feature classic 90s styles like simplistic slip-on designs, crocodile skin textures and mid heel in bright colours.


And best of all, our Wildfire kitten styles are super comfortable, their low heel only elevate you slightly off the ground, and their soles are soft and cushioned. The combination of these critical features will guarantee a comfortable fit.


So, What Are You Waiting For?


Make your way to Wildfire today, and pick yourself up a pair of kitten heels online!


Versatile High Heels!


The beauty of these high heels is that they are versatile; their midlow heels are short and comfortable, making them a great accessory to complete any outfit, whatever the occasion.


For example, if you are looking for a new pair of pump heels for work, these shoes are your answer, or if you are looking for in-between platform heeled, where your usual stilettos are a little much, and your flats aren’t enough, then these are your answer!


High Heels For Work


As we said, these versatile womens heels will get you through a whole week of work and will also seamlessly take you to after-work drinks without feeling like you’re out and about in your corporate uniform.


These shoes are the perfect womens high heels if you work in a corporate office, feel a little more dressed up than you would in a pair of everyday casual shoes.


What’s great about these styles is that you can opt for a style that you are comfortable in so, if you prefer something a little more secure, why not opt for a sandal buckle up style over a slip-on style.


These square toes heels feature similar trendy styles, like strappy details, versatile colours and stable block heeled shoes.


So if you are looking for classic high heels that are perfect for the office, why not give this classic buckle-up black leather style a try?  


Or for something that just screams classy office uniform, but of course, is still a trendy shoe to take out of the office too, is a classic pointed toe slingback. This classic style has been around for decades. Its short kitten stiletto shape paired with a pointed toe and slingback design is timeless and classic, and our option makes for an excellent shoe for the office!


This shoe can be paired with anything in your work wardrobe. For example, this style looks great when paired with slim leg pants, pencil skirts and dresses, so you can guarantee that these high black heels will look fantastic with anything out of your work wardrobe.


However, it certainly isn’t limited to workwear only! On casual Friday’s, pair these shoes with a pair of denim jeans, a plain tee and throw an oversized blazer over the top. Push the boundaries in these barely there heels high heels while looking trendy and, of course, feeling comfortable all at the same time!


What More Could You Ask For In A Pair Of High Heels?


Now that you’re covered for work shoes, let’s look at our slip-on peep toe heeled  that can take you from Sunday afternoon drinks to your best friends baby shower in seconds!


Similarly to our sandal style kitten peep toe, our slip-on styles are just as versatile and diverse. Feel completely at ease slipping into a pair of these effortless thong heels. These shoes will make an ordinary everyday outfit instantly feel like you’ve made an effort.


We love seeing these slip-on styles being paired with your favourite everyday outfits. The next time your heading out and slip into your jeans, a plain tee and oversized chunky knit over the top, then why not slip into a pair of our slip-on styles to complete this fresh outfit?

The options are endless for these kitten styles, and in true 90s fashion, these shoes are extremely simple. So, do the same with the rest of your outfit. Keep your outfit minimal and plain, don’t go over the top with details, textures and prints.


Keep It Simple


These kitten toe heels scream simple with their minimal detailed appearance, so keep the remainder of your outfit similarly. For example, pair them with a pair of straight-legged boyfriend jeans when pairing these simple slip-on styles, throw on a simple knitted tank or cami and viola.


If you need additional warmth, then throw on a matching cropped knit cardi over the top. Knitsets and slip-on kitten dress shoe are the perfect combinations as the seasons start to transition over to winter.


Just remember to keep it simple, and believe us, you will have no trouble at all styling these high heels!


What Are You Waiting For?


Make your way to Wildfire today and find some black patent heels that won't break your neck, its time to trade in the sky-high heels for something shorter and less painful. Wildfire is here to help you get started!