High Heels Trends 2021: A Balancing Act of Comfort and Style

Girls, we know how much you love to wear a gorgeous pair of high heels. But we also know that these womens heels can result in painful and sore feet. So it is a true skill to master the balancing act of comfort and style with a pair of high heels.


We understand that it is difficult to find your favourite pair of pump heels that are both on-trend and comfortable. But, girl, you are in luck! The team at Wildfire are striving to keep up to date with the latest trends. So to ensure that every one of you is rocking the latest styles.


This is why we have gathered a range of wide fit high heels trends from 2021 for you to gain some inspiration from. Of course, we know that not all of these designs offer comfortable and stylish features. However, you can easily get the best of one in every womens heels.


You already know that we are flaunting our hottest pair of trendy high heels for 2021 until the last day of the year (it would be rude not to, right?). So keep on reading if you are keen to see some of our favourite high heel’s trends from 2021 that are comfortable and stylish.


Trend 1 – Block High Heels


One of the most popular high heel trends of 2021 is block heels. These pump heels are a must-have for every girl, and we are truly obsessed. However, if you do not own a pair of these womens heels already, then you are missing out!   


We are big advocates for block, high heels because of how stylish, comfortable, and versatile they are. In addition, these womens heels offer a low base, so you can wear these from morning until night and know that your feelings will not be in too much pain.


Painful feet are every girl’s worst nightmare, so these wide fit pump heels can help you avoid that with ease. 


A pair of high heels in the block style will ensure you are on-trend and super stylish with every outfit. These pumps heel shoes are perfect for a night out with the girls or a date night with your boyfriend.


The best thing about these pump heels is that you can easily slip in and out of these wide fit high heels with ease. So, when you are stumbling in through the door at 3 am after your wild night out with the girls, you can easily take off your high heels and jump straight into bed without any worries.


These high heels offer an aspect of versatility as well because you can wear these from morning until night with any outfit. So whether you are wearing them to your office job during the day or a date night straight after, your pair of block high heels will ensure you look flawless all day long, sis!


Trend 2 – Wedge-Heeled Pumps


Say hello to the comfiest style of high heels you have ever laid your eyes on! That’s right! We are talking about the wedge-heeled pump heels. This womens heels style is one of the more comfy options with a pair of high heels.


These pump heels take inspiration from European fashion, where the women love to show off some skin and flaunt their latest pair of wedge sandals. A summer in Europe will have you noticing nearly every female in a set of wide fit wedge high heels.


But we are not mad about it at all! If anything, we love to see this popular high heeled sandals trend right here in Australia. The great thing about these high heels is that they are super comfortable. The thick and levelled sole ensures that your feet will not hurt to the point of exhaustion.


These pump heels tend to only have a subtle elevation in the sole, making them easy to walk in and can get worn for a long time. We have this womens heels style in just about every colour pop, so we cannot wait to see what they look like on you!


Trend 3 – Platform High Heels


Take your look to the next level this year with a pair of trendy platform heeled womens shoe. These womens heels are coming in hot in 2021, especially during the warmer months. Platform high heels have been in the fashion world for quite some time now but, they dip in and out of trends.


This tip means that your pair of wide fit pump heels can get worn throughout the year without any worries. 


The platform high heels are a style of womens heels that offers a unique and comfortable design. Thanks to the large platform heeled womens shoe, these high heels make walking in pumps heel shoes a breeze.


You can wear these to your next special event with your favourite occasion dresses and find that your feet will not be as painful as other heel shoes can make them feel. The platform high heels also tend to offer a self-tie strap around the ankle so that you will be safe and secure all night long.


Trust us, babe, this feature is very beneficial after a night out!


Trend 4 – Stilettos


Do you love to wear a pair of stiletto heels? Then you have come to the right place! 


Stiletto heels are a super stylish wide fit high heels trend of 2021, meaning you only have a few months left to flaunt your favourite pair. But, unfortunately, stiletto heels are a style of heel shoes with a love-hate relationship with many females.


Some girl’s love to wear these high heels because they add an extra boost of height or pair well with their occasion dresses. But, on the other hand, some girls prefer to wear high heels with more support on the sole.


Stiletto heels are a gorgeous style of heel shoes for when you have a formal event to attend. These high heels offer class and sophistication to any look so that you can flaunt a pair of these pumps heel shoes to your upcoming special events with your favourite occasion dresses. 


Wherever you choose to wear these, you will be sure to look your very best in some stiletto heels.


Trend 5 – Strappy, Self-Tie Pumps


Treat yourself to a pair of strappy, self-tie high heels, babe! These heeled sandals are a unique style of heeled sandals that will be making headlines in the fashion world during 2021. These self-tie high heels come in various designs, including thick straps, ribbon straps, and thin straps.


There are endless designs available so that you can find your next favourite pair of strappy high heels with ease. Channel all things chic, stylish, and effortless with these self-tie high heels. We love to pair them with bodycon mini occasion dresses so that the heeled sandals are the star of the show.


All eyes will be on you when you rock a pair of these wide fit high heels, sis!   


Do Not Forget About Accessories!


With all of these super fun, high heeled sandals trends of 2021 making their way onto the fashion scene, it can be easy to forget about investing in some shoe care accessories. However, your pair of pumps heel shoes always need some extra tender love and care to ensure that they last for a long period.


We highly recommend investing in some shoe care accessories for your heeled sandals so your feet can feel comfortable all day and night. For example, you will find the most comfort and support by wearing heeled sandals stoppers with your stiletto heels-based high heels.


These go on the bottom of the heeled sandals to prevent any slips or falls when you walk around. Drain holes and soft grass are well-known areas of accidents. Another shoe care accessory that is worth getting your hands on is a set of half gel innersoles.


These get placed on the inside of your high heels, and you will notice the difference straight away. Your feet will have an added layer of comfort in your heeled sandals, making them so much easier to wear!


Ready to make the most of your trendy high heels for 2021?


The year is nearly over, and we still have so many styles of wide fit high heels to flaunt this season. If some of the hottest high heel styles of 2021 have caught your eye, but you do not own a pair yet, then you need to get your hands on them, girl. 


We have a wide variety of shoe size to choose from on our size guide. So head over to the designer brands heels online store, Wildfire website, today and treat yourself to a new pair of pumps heel shoes!