High Heels You Can Wear From the Office to the Dancefloor and Everything in Between!

Never cross a woman in high heels because when they are on her feet, she means business. And it's true, especially in the workplace. A woman who struts to work with shoes taller than 7.5 cm is about to do great things.


But it's not only applicable at work. Heads turn when a woman strides into any party, especially on the dance floor in staggering heels. Who wouldn't be impressed? It can be challenging to maintain balance and stability while wearing high heels for extended periods.


A comfortable and stylish brand of women's high heels for work and play and everything in between exists. While it pays to spend time practising in them, this inclusive Wildfire collection has options you can wear instantly.


Stilettos hurt and would require exceptional skills, but other high heels can provide you with the same level of chic. These options are even better because they provide height and glam and are easy on the body. These have understated elegance and deserve to have the spotlight on them.


If you're as excited as we are to discover the Wildfire high heels options you can add to your wardrobe, let's start now. The Wildfire team will present each option to spare you from discomfort and hours of standing.


Style 1—Block Heels


The first option to consider when searching for high-heeled footwear that is versatile and comfortable enough to last you through all your events is one with a thick block heel. Unlike thin and narrow stilettos, these have a broad base that spreads your weight. These block heels are great for your foot and overall health, relieving pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back.


Wearing this footwear will give you stability, boosting your confidence with every step. You don't have to wobble from point A to point B because each step is steady. With these high heels, you can rush to meetings all over your office, dance the night away, and enjoy an outdoor occasion without a glitch. These are handy for weddings and parties outdoors because they are safe from getting stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


More importantly, they elevate your style effortlessly. You don't even have to think twice about when you wear heels of this type. When you feel like your outfit is dull, add these block heels and watch everything turn around.


Charisma is an excellent option to get from the Wildfire collection. With self-tie and crossover ankle straps locked by a buckle, you can secure your block heels and create a sexy silhouette simultaneously. Complement a dress with Charisma, and we bet your charm will skyrocket!


Style 2—Platform


If you think block heels are fabulous, wait until you try on a pair of platforms. With their staggering height, these high heels can be daunting at first glance. But because you remain level despite the height, it's like walking on a self-created stage. 


Platform high heels usually have thick, block heels at the back and a platform sole in front, which work together to keep you in an almost natural position. While the greater than 8 cm height can cause disorientation, you'll get over it quickly and enjoy wearing these high heels in no time.


Platform high heels are attention-grabbers, and rightfully so. Not only do they elevate your height literally, but they also boost your style and self-confidence with every centimetre. Imagine arriving at your workplace wearing these high heels and witnessing the change in expression on your colleagues' faces. 


With mouths hanging open, they stare up at you, looking impressed with your shoe choice. More importantly, these high heels are perfect for the dance floor. They shot to fame in the 1970s, when disco was a thing. Boogie all night without pain or strain with platform shoes.


Please check out Verve from the Wildfire collection. These high heels offer a supportive block heel and a chunky platform sole to keep you well-balanced and confident. With a height of 10 cm, these shoes won't bother you because the enclosed back, thin ankle strap with buckle, and thick front strap will keep the shoes secure and cling to you like a second skin. Match Verve with pantsuits to achieve that perfect workplace, dancefloor, and everything-in-between look!


Style 3—Closed Toe


Because some workplaces have strict dress codes and require closed-toed footwear, how about checking out Wildfire's collection of these inclusive high heels?


Wildfire understands that each lady has different needs and sets out to provide options for them. The brand's line of closed-toe high-heeled shoes is exceptional, with various styles to suit different tastes. 


Besides strict uniform requirements, ladies love the silhouette that closed-toe shoes create. Covered toes are modest, while the open top usually offers a nice view of the feet. Other ladies find these high heels perfect for colder seasons, where they ensure their toes remain tucked and protected from the cold. We don't want frozen toes to get in the way of having fun, do we?


And while ladies prefer closed-toe high heels during autumn and winter, it's essential to note that these shoes are appropriate for all seasons. You can use closed-toed footwear for work, parties, and special occasions in spring and summer. Women appreciate having various options for footwear, and closed-toe high heels are a great example of that.


Virgo tops the list from the Wildfire closed-toe collection. This loafer platform high heel combines all the positive features of various styles: a block heel, a platform sole, and the classic, timeless appeal of loafers. Make a statement at work and be ready for your after-work events by wearing Virgo. Pair these high heels with a minidress and layer on a blazer to create a flexible and adaptable look.


Boost Your Height and Fashion Effortlessly!


Are you still unsure about which option to choose? We suggest looking at our collection of heeled boots, pumps, and peep-toe shoes. With so many women's heels, you're bound to find your ultimate favourite pair! Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, Wildfire has you covered with a variety of heel styles to choose from, including court heels, kitten heels, and wedges in both high, low heels and mid heels.


Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!