High Heels You’ll Love All Year Round!

Some ladies have the misconception that you cannot wear high heels in the winter because of the slippery and wet surfaces. 


We must clarify that there are specific styles you shouldn’t wear in the cold season if you care for your safety. However, not all are dangerous, so you can safely wear high heels all year.


The only thing you need to look out for is the thickness of the heel because stability and comfort are essential. When your high heels are broad and thick, you spread your weight around and avoid teetering on a single point. 


It will also help to look for styles that level your feet instead of forcing them in a steep incline. 


When looking for these shoes, you must take your time choosing them. Don’t settle on the first high heels you lay eyes on. If you plan on wearing them the entire year, find a style you won’t lose interest in. 


You should check out Wildfire, as they have a broad collection of high heels that tick all the essentials: comfortable, versatile, stylish, and affordable. 


One style stands out among the brand’s high heels, and you’ll love to wear them all year. Please read on to discover which one. 


Platform Shoes


There’s one kind of high heel currently dominating the fashion world, and rightfully so. Ladies prefer platform shoes because they increase their height, are more comfortable than traditional high heels, and can take you anywhere. 


The block heel at the back and the platform sole in front level your feet, keeping you comfortable even if they are usually 10cm or greater.


If you’ve had experience wearing stilettos, you may feel a significant difference when you start wearing platform high heels


Instead of altering your balance and forcing all pressure on a single spot—the ball—platforms raise both the ball and heel and put your entire foot


How to style platforms all year round?


Now that we’ve identified platforms as THE high heels of the year, you’re likely wondering how to style them for all seasons. 


Our team at Wildfire took it upon themselves to help you come up with different outfits and which among the Wildfire platform collection would suit the season.


If you’re ready to discover new ways of elevating your clothes (literally and figuratively) with platform high heels, let’s start!




Take these high heels up a notch with platform boots. Like all other platform shoes, the boots have a block heel and platform sole to keep the wearer stable, warm, dry, and comfortable amidst the cold and extreme weather. 


From Wildfire’s collection, turn your eyes towards Mimic and Simulate. Both high heels come in black and white, so choose which one you prefer. Please consider that white might need more maintenance than black.


Mimic has a unique square-toe design and shiny outer material to complete your winter look. Fastening these long boots is easy with the help of an inner zip. 


Meanwhile, Simulate is like Mimic but reaches the knees instead. The height of the platform high heels is 8cm, while the measurement from the heel to the top of the boot is 51cm.


The best way to wear platform boots in winter is to style them with a sweater, a miniskirt, and tights. The coverage of these high heels makes up for the shortness of the skirt. 




Spring is a transitional season where the cold air makes way for warmth. Flowers are blooming again, and so is your social life. 


It would help if you had platform high heels that could take you to all your special events stylishly and comfortably, so we recommend strappy sandals. Look dainty and feminine with all the straps on your feet. 


Various styles from the Wildfire platform high heels collection showcase straps on top of your toes, at the midsection, and around the ankles. 


Sometimes, you can find styles that combine some or all of them. From Wildfire’s collection, consider adding Venom and Mansion to your wardrobe.


Venom has three straps on top of your feet and a buckled ankle strap that provides adjustability. These vegan-friendly high heels stand at 10cm. 


If you want to add more silhouette to your feet, get Mansion because these platforms have crossover toe straps, a wraparound ankle strap, and round retro buckles for adjustability.


Wear these high heels to outdoor parties with an off-shoulder or halter maxi dress. The thick heel will not get stuck on soil, sand, or pavement cracks. Complete the look with any of the Wildfire clutches




Go all out with the heat of summer. Choose mule platforms because you can remove these high heels in an instant. Summer is all about the beach and other water activities. 


You’ll likely jump into the water and cool yourself off, so wearing shoes you can remove within seconds is best. The perfect choice from Wildfire’s collection is Sour, an online-exclusive pair of platform high heels. 


Comparatively shorter, these mules stand at 7cm, with a thick strap that attaches the shoe securely to you.


These high heels will match perfectly with denim shorts and a tank top. Alternatively, wear your swimsuit with the shorts so you’re swim-ready instantly.




Like spring, fall is a transitional season where the temperature starts to dip, but you can still feel the warmth. As such, you need platform high heels that can work in both kinds of weather. 


The style we’ll discuss is transeasonal footwear, which you can wear all year, not just in the fall. Do you have a clue which one?


The loafer high heels!


The platform version of this popular style is heaps better. It gives you a combination of height, style, and versatility. 


Virgo is a pair of platform high heels that take you back to the 90s with a modern twist. You can wear the loafers to work and non-work activities.


This outfit combination is ideal for the workplace and hanging out with friends after. Wear your loafer high heels with a white top, black buttery soft leather culotte pants, and a neutral blazer. 


Wildfire's women's heel collection will take you to new heights. Our low heels, mid heels, and kitten heels are suitable for casual, while our court heels, heeled boots, peep toe heels, and block heels are great for dressing up for a special occasion.


When you’re off the clock, you can take off your blazer and start having fun! 


Wildfire Deserves to be in Your Closet to Wear Heels All Year!


The high heels at Wildfire can upgrade your looks all season. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store! 


You do not need to wait for a special occasion to wear Wildfire heels. Feel confident, and put your best foot forward. Treat yourself to a favourite pair of footwear now.


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