High Heels You NEED in Your Winter Wardrobe

Some ladies want to wear high heels during the winter. However, they are having second thoughts because of issues with stability and comfort. Inclement weather mixed with wet surfaces poses a valid concern. 


So the question is: "Is there a way to add height without falling into an accident?"


Yes, there are! Wildfire has a collection of high heels that will elevate your winter wardrobe and ensure stability, comfort, and warmth during the cold months. You don't need to sacrifice your style because the brand can provide it.


If you're still doubtful, let's call our team from Wildfire to explain further. We will give you a rundown of the various high heels available and why they deserve a spot in your winter wardrobe. 


We'll throw in a few styling tips to show you how this footwear can improve the look.


Never let the winter season dull your style. With the Wildfire team's help, you'll satisfy your height craving. If you're ready, let's do it!


Style 1—Block Heels


Navigating slippery surfaces during the winter can be tricky, so you need a pair of high heels with a thick, broad heel that provides stability. These shoes distribute the load evenly, so you are not putting all your weight on a single area or point. 


The incredible thing about wearing this footwear is that you get balance and stability, and it relieves pressure from the usual places that hurt—feet, ankles, legs, and lower back.


Look for shoes with thick heel and ankle straps, which help add security and stability. With ankle straps, you won't feel as if your heels will accidentally fly off any second. Closed-toe options are also great for warmth. 


Not only will these heels keep you on your feet, but they will also prevent your toes from freezing in the cold.


A perfect pair of Wildfire high heels are chunky loafers. These shoes did not scrimp on style, height, or comfort. 


With footwear that provides stability, you can wear these shoes to work this winter, bringing an ideal mix of the 90s with a modern-day twist.


Loafers and blazers go together like peanut butter and jelly. A work-appropriate look that will make your colleagues' heads turn consists of a black sweater dress, black tights, and a grey checked blazer, with Wildfire loafer high heels. 


Add a coat when going outside the building for more warmth.


To prove the versatility of Wildfire shoes, wear the same loafer high heels on weekend outings with a pair of denim jeans and a black cardigan sweater, and complete the look with a long beige coat. Throw in a crossbody bag for an accent.


Style 2—Platform


Keeping your feet level is the best way to stabilise yourself and maintain balance while dealing with slippery surfaces. If you're wondering which Wildfire high heels can best achieve that, the answer is simple: platforms!


These shoes employ a block heel at the back—which, as we know, distributes the load across for more comfort—and a platform sole in front, which lessens the incline and makes it easier to walk. 


However, the staggering height of these platforms intimidates women. Some of Wildfire's available platform women's high heel sizes are 13cm.


But again, your feet are more level with these high heels, so it's like walking on a platform. If you're hesitant because you can't imagine walking comfortably in them, always remember to take short, slow steps when walking in heels. 


Get your footing first, one foot in front of the other, using a heel-to-toe motion.


These days, everything old is new again. You might have seen this footwear before; your mum has probably worn it too because it was popular in the 1970s. 


Imagine that this staggering footwear was almost everyone's dancing shoe back then. And you can also do that now, start the fad again, and wear these heels to parties, casual night-outs, and special events.


Check out Wildfire's limited-edition platform shoes, which come in pink or black. A pair of statement high heels ticks all the boxes you need to maintain stability, comfort, and warmth during the winter. 


They have a block heel, a platform sole, an ankle strap, and closed toes.


Wear these shoes anywhere, and people will notice your every move.


An ideal style for a party would be to wear monochromatic black, then use the pink platform high heels as an accent. What's the use of having dancing shoes when you won't maximise them? 


Go clubbing with friends and show them who's the dancing queen in a short slip dress and your pink platforms.


Style 3—Heeled Boots


Boots are everyone's go-to winter footwear. And it's so convenient that these shoes, which offer warmth and coverage, come with high heels for that elusive height. Wildfire can now solve all your winter wardrobe problems. 


Most Wildfire boots with high heels use a thick, broad heel, which can relieve pressure and provide stability. Your options include ankle and long, so choose how much coverage you need. 


Moreover, most of these heels have rounded or squared toes, giving your toes enough room to spread comfortably, which is good for balance. 


You're lucky because some of Wildfire's heeled boots also come with a platform sole in front. More importantly, these heels come with side zippers. They ensure a snug fit, allowing you to wear the footwear within seconds. 


Fasteners are essential for security. They also make wearing them easier.


Wildfire's heeled boots come in seven unique colours: black, brown, green, natural, tan, vanilla, and white. Because some people hesitate to wear white shoes in the winter because of maintenance issues, it's best to get them in black. 


The black options are stunning, classic, and elegant, which you can wear on formal occasions. You can wear heeled boots anywhere this winter. Look your best in any of Wildfire's high heels! 


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