How 90s Heels Are Making A Comeback!

Did you know that 90s high heels are making a huge comeback? If you haven’t realized these retro trends are coming back onto the shelves in force, then you might be a bit behind on your shoe trends. Allow Wildfire to clarify which of these vintage trends are making their way onto high heels this season, so that you can have your pick of the bunch in 2020! Customers who are old enough to remember trends from the 90s might be surprised by how quickly they recognize some of these features. For everyone else, this should be an informative little guide to the retro additions they’ll be seeing on our hottest high heels. Who’s ready to get started? 


Check out all the square-toed high heels!

Take a look at the base of a lot of our high heels in 2020, and you’ll see that they have square-cut toes. Rounded toes are typical on most shoes, which makes this kind of divergence a stylish twist on conventional designs and an easy way to change up your style. Square-cut bases aren’t a feature that jumps out at you immediately, but they will create a point of difference in your ensemble. Many high heels from the 90s had these boxy toes, and we’re sure that customers this year will enjoy them just as much! 


Thong-style high heels are back and trendier than ever! 

Are you surprised to see platform shoes with thong-style straps around again? The straps on these high heels combine the summery (and laidback) feel of thongs with the casual elegance of stilettos. Not only do they offer your feet a sophisticated profile, but they also provide an excellent slide-in fit too, which means getting them onto your feet is never a struggle. Plus, since these are less conventional high heels, you can dress them up or dress them down as you like! We’ve seen plenty of ladies taking their thong-strap shoes out on the weekends with their favourite jeans and shirt. Long pants and skirts work beautifully with thong high heels because you don’t have to worry about concealing any ankle features— we recommend giving those a try too! 


What do you think of cake-stand high heels?

Do you know what these platforms look like? Cake-stand high heels are slim like stilettos, but they curve in slightly from the back. If you’re bored with regular pumps or kitten-heeled shoes, then you’ll adore this cool 90s style. Don’t be scared away by the different shape; cake-stand shoes are just as easy to walk, stand, and dance around in as any other pair on our shelves. This season, some of our favourite versions of these high heels come with crocodile texture as well, so they’re even more on-trend! Why not give cake-stand platforms a go in 2020? 


Do toe-strap high heels take your fancy?

As far as features go, toe straps (also called toe rings) are some of the more subtle. Like shoes with square-cut fronts, this type of design may appear to be a small alternation, but it can greatly affect the overall aesthetic of your high heels. Toe straps have come back from the 90s because they’re simple, fun, and fairly flattering for your big toes. Not only that, but they offer additional support for your feet, which means the other bands on your high heels can be thinner and more minimalistic. What’s not to love about that? 


Did any of Wildfire’s new vintage styles catch your attention? 

No wardrobe would be complete without one of these trendy 90s high heels! So, which ones will you be welcoming into your collection this year? We’ve given you a few options, but there are more to choose from online. Have a browse of Wildfire’s range!