How High Heels Will Dress Up Any Outfit

How Heels Can Dress Up Any Outfit 

At Wildfire, we love showing off the latest looks and trends for our customers. That is why we wanted to look at how wearing high heels can dress up any outfit. With high heels being an ever-popular wardrobe staple during spring and summer, the crew at Wildfire wanted to give you a few little pointers about how you can wear them this season.

Revolutionizing casual wear

Some people seem to think that high heels are only for formal occasions, but this could not be further from the truth. Every girl should have a few pairs of high heels that she feels comfortable wearing out to the shops or for a lunch date with the girls. A smooth, comfortable set that looks great with whatever you want to wear. At Wildfire, our high heels come in an array of different style options for your best fit and feel.

The looks

Let's start with the colours. At Wildfire, our high heels have stolen most of the rainbow and the gold at the end of it. Our favourites this season come in glossy patent finishes, but we also love styles made from faux suede and metallic or glitter covering. The top colours for summer look to be heading towards pink, red, natural and all-white, but you can always find a little black or lovely silver set of high heels.

Regarding the styles, we suggest keeping an eye on high heels with a platform or thick base, since espadrille wedges and chunky soles are making a quick rise in popularity. With these styles set to take off, you should try to get ahead and grab a pair for your wardrobe now! Of course, if skinny high heels and stilettos are more to your liking, we have sling-backs and pumps to suit any girl's aesthetic.

Why these shoes give you an edge

In essence, the real reason so many people love the look of high heels is because they impact your leg shape. Not only do they elongate your legs, but they also change the way your clothes fit on you as well. A baggy pair of mom jeans or loose-fitting patterned pants instantly slims down with a couple of block heels, going from a cosy throw-on to a breezy and stylish choice. Most people go for comfort on the weekends, and you would be surprised how different a pair of high heels could make to your casual style.

Don't believe us? Take cut-off and cuffed jeans for example. A pair of structured or ribbed high heels like the ones you can find at Wildfire have a way of instantly dressing them these pants, so you get all the glamour and style without sacrificing comfort. The same outfit you could wear with trainers becomes more glamorous, elegant and graceful in an instant with a pair of high heels at the bottom.

How to make it work

If you feel a little odd matching your high heels with your laidback Saturday outfit, then it is time that you started matching your accessories instead. It is dead easy to grab a little tan clutch or shoulder bag to go with your latest high heels. It will add some balance and continuity to your look; plus you will also have somewhere to keep your things in! If you go for bold colours in your high heels, then consider matching makeup as well. And, if you go for a beautiful metallic or sparkly finish, then you could match rings or other jewellery to add some more shine.

So, will you dress up your casual wear with high heels this season?

Bring out your wild side with high heels from Wildfire!