How High Heels Will Uplift Your Outfit

Transform Your Outfit These Heels!

Find the perfect balance of formal and casual wear when you grab high heels from Wildfire. These stunning shoes are just what you need to lift an everyday outfit and keep up with the latest looks.

Why use high heels to dress up?

The success of these tall shoes has a lot to do with their history and the impact of their design. High heels impact more than just your standing— high heels have a flattering effect on your legs and ankles, allow shorter women to stand eye-to-eye with friends or colleagues, and improve posture. They’re the ultimate confidence booster, which is why women choose to wear them in the workplace even if it isn’t mandatory.

High heels are also considered more professional, which means that the right pair can help you look well put-together and ready for anything. Additionally, the fancier that you go with your shoes, the easier it is to integrate cosier casual clothes into your corporate collection without looking underdressed.

So, are you ready to assess some options for your next high heels?  


If you’re on the hunt for classic high heels, then we have to recommend some of our pumps. These pointy-toed shoes are elegant and come in complementary shades such as black, natural, and red. The shiny patent material is a popular pick this season, but we think the faux suede option could be an excellent match for any woman’s wardrobe as well.

We’ve loved seeing pumps break out into casual wear this season, so if you want to experiment with wearing these high heels with your favourite basics throughout the year, then feel free!

Espadrille wedges

Looking for game-changing high heels? Our espadrilles are sure to bring out your wild side. With their enormous block bases and cool platforms, these are shoes that will boost your height and your ensemble all at once. Not only do espadrille wedges provide you with support and comfortable wear for hours on end, but high heels in this look also bring the fun. You can choose a smooth finish that will highlight your legs, or add beachy vibes whenever with a textured base.

Glittery trim

Don’t forget about décor! While high heels themselves bring style, it’s important to think about the features and finishes that can heighten their appeal even more. At Wildfire, we recommend that you try diamante or rhinestone trim. A line of sparkles across the toes or along straps make for instantly glamorous high heels. Plus, these add-ons are in trend!

High heels with rhinestones have always been a popular option for formal events. With the right pair, you could wear them time and again for different occasions. Like men’s dress shoes, these are a staple set for any woman’s collection. However, there is a newly formed trend that would be easy to emulate with our most dazzling high heels— wearing diamantes casually. Pair some of these off with your best basics, denim clothes, and some equally shiny accessories, and you’ll be on board with an instant style sensation.

Go lower if you want

While high heels are the ultimate way to uplift any outfit, you don’t have to think entirely literally. As Wildfire, we have shorter styles that can add a sweet and sophisticated look to your ensemble, such as kitten-style stilettos. These low pumps have a vintage-made-new feel and classic look that can elevate any work, casual, or evening attire. If high heels aren’t your thing, then these little sling-backs might be your new best friend.

Find your ideal match today

Our high heels will have every Wildfire customer looking her best. Shop all the styles online now, or have a sneaky look in person exclusively at Spendless Shoes.