How Low Heels Is Making a Fashion Comeback

More women than ever before are putting their comfort first. Proof of this is the emergence of the clamour for low heels. These shoes are returning with a vengeance and rocking the fashion world again.


The return of low-heeled shoes is good news to many who want to rest their feet from the gruesome pain that higher shoes bring. 


However, even people used to wearing high heels complain about them. They must put their feet on the wall at night to relieve tension and allow blood circulation. (Have you tried wearing pointed pumps with stiletto heels)?


How about you? Are you keen on joining the trend of wearing low heels now that it's making a fashion comeback?


Our team at Wildfire is here to show you why you should. Wearing low heels does not mean going down the fashion scale. It won't be a trend if it's not "in,"  would it? 


Besides, if you have already seen Wildfire's low-heel collection, you will know it's not a downgrade. You only lessened the height, but not the style. So, let's go and tackle how women's low heels made a fashion comeback. 


Prioritising Health (Consider block heels for an ideal substitute)


Most women have spent the last three years at home with restrictions and remote work, so most of their high heels have been relegated to the back of their closets. 


However, now that the world has opened, most have decided to prioritise their foot health more, as it can impact the entire body. 


Besides, who would want to relearn how to wear high heels when low heels are equally stylish and bring on more comfort for the wearer?


Low heels are coming back because it's practical to wear them. They lessen your body's stress and provide cushioning and support. In addition, they offer stability as you are closer to the ground. Imagine that you need to feel more confident.


We can only highlight the health benefits of low-heeled shoes by demonstrating how bad high heels are for your health, especially if you wear them daily. Avoiding high heels frees you from the strains on your lower back, legs, ankles, and feet. 


It's safe to say that when you prioritise your health, you also prioritise your comfort; nothing spells out comfort like this footwear. 


This footwear won't put your feet at an uncomfortable angle that alters your balance. Instead, a modified centre of gravity puts you at constant risk of toppling forward. Try our low-block heels if you want even more support and less pain.


Prioritising Style


 We reiterate that going for low-heeled shoes does not equate to lessening your fashion style. It's the opposite. Fashion is about self-expression; going for what makes you feel good inside and out is essential.


Besides, have you seen the available low heels for this season at Wildfire? 


Let's go through some popular low-heeled shoes to open your eyes to infinite fashion possibilities! But, of course, you are not sacrificing style at all because they all look good. No wonder people are calling it a fashion comeback.


The kitten is the most popular of all styles, known for its tapered, narrow heel. These Wildfire style come in strappy designs that will have you exposing your sexy feet.  


Some have braided straps, while others are thong style, where you slide your feet into them to wear them. Finally, if you need more security, there are kitten heels with a gorgeous gold chain strap around the ankles. 


If you want to mix comfort and style even further, some types have a thick, broad heel that supports the entire back of your feet. Consider this the best combination because the shoes distribute your weight evenly, allowing you to remain stable while you spend time on your feet.


Do you love experimenting with colour?


If you do, Wildfire has eight colours of low-heeled shoes available. Choose from black, gold, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. 


Select a pair of pink low-heeled shoes to add something vibrant to your closet. Use these to accent your look, pairing them with your midi dress and a matching bag. You'll love these pink low heels with zigzagging top straps because they have a fashionable band across the big toe.


However, if you want shoes that match all the outfits in your wardrobe, we suggest going for black or white. Go for low gold heels when you are attending a more formal occasion.


Prioritising Versatility—Finding the Perfect Pair


There's no doubt that one of the reasons low-heeled footwear is making a comeback is its versatility. One benefit of these is that you won't need to bring extra shoes to events. 


We've all been in that situation where we slip into a pair of flats when we can't tolerate the pain of high shoes anymore. Low heels strike the ideal balance between the two and are appropriate for casual and formal settings.


It's timely that low-heeled shoes are returning because gone are the days when the only acceptable footwear for formal or special occasions was anything taller than 7 cm. 


People dictate trends, as trends usually follow the interests and preferences of the market.


With more people looking for alternatives to high heels, low heels have found a niche crowd. And we love that more people get to appreciate how good these are for them. 


They serve more than one purpose due to their versatility. By sticking to low heels, you can quickly go from brunch to the office, meetings to dinner, after-dinner drinks, and the dance floor.


Join the trend and Get Your Own!


With a clearer picture of how our range of women's low-heeled footwear made its way back into the fashion fold, why not join the trend and experience it yourself?


Choose the perfect pair from Wildfire's gorgeous collection and use the flexible payment systems that allow you to buy now and pay later. 


Then, throw in a clutch to complete your outfit! With our reasonable prices, you can get more than one without breaking your budget.