How Many Pairs Of Block Heels Do I Need In My Wardrobe?

We know how hard it is to pass up a pair of shoes, especially a pair of dressy heels in black! And it got us asking, 'How many pairs of block heels do I already have In my wardrobe?'


Do You Have A Guilty Shopping Pleasure? 


For women, it's usually bags or shoes — right? Well, if yours is shoes, then we won't judge! 


If you're anything like us, you probably have 5-10 pairs of similarly styled stiletto heels and wedge sandals. Well, it's time to do a wardrobe cleanout. Let's have a look at some classic womens block heels that aren't going out of style anytime soon and ditch those stilettos that have been sitting pretty on your shoe shelf collecting dust! 


You will be surprised at the collection of shoes you have accumulated over time: heeled boots, ankle boots, black leather or black microsuede knee high boots, black crocs, flat sandals, flat shoes — just to name a few! And since it seems to be missing, what a great excuse to buy some new strappy heeled shoes! 


Block Heels


Block heels are most definitely the dressy shoes of choice amongst women, and we can certainly see why. Not only are block heels versatile, trendy and sleek, but also, they are amazingly comfortable for a pair of dressy shoes! Time and time again, we've been guilty of buying a pair of shoes that look and feel fantastic in the shop and then wear them on a night out, and you already have aching feet by the first hour. 


Well, we're here to tell you that those days are over! Ditch those uncomfortable stiletto heels and embrace the comfort and low-key elegance of block heels. Spendless Shoe is a great place to start your wardrobe overhaul. Our wide range of womens block heels will have you sent to shoe heaven. Find a variety of block heels in a range of colours. Trust us, you will find it hard saying 'YES' to just one pair! 




When it comes to dressy shoes, it's all about finding the perfect height and the great thing about dressy shoes and trends at the moment is the fact that kitten and low heels are in. Hallelujah! Gone are the days where sky-high stilettos are the way to go. So, finally, ditch those tall monsters and resort to a cool pair of kitten block heels.

Whether you are looking for a short kitten style or a mid heel to high height, Spendless Shoes is your one-stop-shop! 


Kitten Block Heels


Our kitten block heels are the perfect versatile shoes; they will take you to work, after-work drinks, and weekend wear and eveningwear seamlessly. In our opinion, every woman should own a pair of kitten block heels; these shoes are truly a life-saver and will quickly become your go-to shoes! Looking for easy to wear slip-on mule styles for work or casual weekend wear? Try our comfort sandal styles that are perfect for work and dressy evening wear. These low kitten heel shoes will quickly become one of your favourite block heels. 


Our kitten block heel shoes make great work shoes, so why not pick up a pair for every day of the week? You change your work outfit each day, so why stop there? Stay on top of shoe trends and change your work shoes every day of the week to perfectly complement your work outfits!


The beauty of our kitten block heels is their versatility and comfort; feel great throwing these shoes on with absolutely anything in your wardrobes. Their versatility makes them the perfect shoes for whatever occasion. Since kitten styles are a hot trend, then why not embrace them and get as much wear as possible out of these kitten heel shoes!


High Block Heels


High block heels should be saved for your evening and occasion wear, unlike kitten styles; they're not quite made for everyday wear. Their taller block heels should be saved for nights out or special occasions; these styles look best when paired with your formal wear. Whether you've opted to wear a mini, midi or maxi length dress or skirt, these women's block heels are the perfect shoes of choice. They will keep you comfortable throughout the night while sitting, standing, walking and, of course, dancing! 


Like or kitten styles, our high block heels come in various styles, such as slip-on mule styles or buckle up or wrap up wedge sandals. Whichever style you opt for, both look fantastic with your dressier outfits. 


Colourful Block Heels 


We haven't even got started with colour choice yet! If you are looking for the perfect time to wear some coloured dressy shoes, then a night out will have to be a perfect time. Our high block heels come in a range of pleasing pastel colours like lilac, mint green, baby blue and bright white. Pass up heels in black and try on some heel shoes in this tasteful palette (which, by the way, make great bridal shoes). it would be impossible not to pick up a pair; or two! 


With Spendless Shoes' huge range of womens block heels, it would be impossible to not grab yourself a pair or two and at our always low affordable prices. You will no longer feel guilty about bringing home yet another pair of shoes! 


Have we answered the question? How many pairs of heels do I need in my wardrobe? Not quite? Well, now that we have shown you a range of different block heel shoes styles and heights, we hope we haven't left your head in more of a spin than when we began. In our opinion, to be safe, you can never go wrong with a pair or two of mid heel or high block heels for formal events — yes, they're great as wedding shoes, too!


It's always a good idea to have a pair of nude or black heel shoes, as these are the most popular colours when it comes to dressy shoes. The same goes for black leather shoes with kitten heel. Since these styles are worn almost daily, it's always a good idea to have a pair or two on standby. 


But for those of you with a shoe fetish, then we won't stand in your way; find your favourite block heels and purchase one in every colour. And with Spendless Shoes extremely affordable prices and easy returns, who can say no? 


It all comes down to personal preference; there is no right or wrong answer for shoes in a woman's wardrobe. We can tell you that ditch those outdated sky-high stiletto heels and opt for a sensible and trendy mid heel pair. Believe us, these womens block heels will make a world of difference on a night out! 


So, What Are You Waiting For? 


Head over to Spendless Shoes today and pick up some trendy block heels to add to your shoe collection! With our extended sizes, you will have no worries about getting the perfect fit!  


You may also buy your block heels online via our website where you can also find shoe care and accessories, gift vouchers —  even a size guide. 

Remember to check for online exclusives! Also, get a student discount if you're in school, which applies at checkout!