How Often is Too Often When it comes to Wearing Heels?

Okay, girls, we know this topic is one that many turn their heads to, but it’s necessary to zone in on this conversation. So, we all (or most) love to dress up, get glammed and pop on our new favourite pair of heels. It’s super fun, right?!


Well, this fun with our womens heels can become quite a risk to our health and, we don’t want any unhealthy queens. But, wearing heeled sandals too much can lead to health issues that can be very painful and annoying to handle.


Whether you’re in your thriving 20’s or hanging out in your 40’s, wearing wedge heels too often can affect all of us gal pals the same way. So if you feel like you wear statement heels a little too often, check out our five key points below on issues that can arise with this. It’s important to get educated on the facts, so feel free to take a read below!


Back Pain


Firstly, off the bat, the thing that can happen when you wear heels pump too much is back pain (internally screaming!). Back pain can be caused by wearing heeled boots or shoes too often, so if you’re starting to see signs of back pain, it may be time to rethink your footwear options.


When we wear our platform heeled shoes, our body forces itself to adapt to the elevated level of our feet, which leads to us girls walking around in an unnatural posture. This happens like second nature, but it can all get avoided.


Unlike flat sandals, heels force our feet to form an arch when wearing our spring summer heels and create a shift in our balance, leaving our joints feeling strained. Due to this, the majority of the back pain you experience is in your lower back. But, girls, we sure as heck don’t want to turn lower back pain into a fashion trend, so keep this in mind the next time you throw on your toe heels.


Damaged Toenails


Damaged toenails are a big concern when wearing the womens heels online that you purchased too often. Seeing as the impact of the pump heels forces our toes to be pressed against one another and locked into one place for an extended period, it makes sense that our toenails get in the way.


Try not to give your nail lady a mini heart attack the next time you go in for a pedicure, girl! Wearing your designer brands heels for an extended period, with your toenails in the same position, allows for an easy way for your toes to become damaged.


Damaged toes can be seen in the form of ingrown and chipped toenails, as well as fungal issues on the nails. Wearing your favourite black heels too often can be the most common cause of these issues, so try to mix up your shoe attire to avoid these things from occurring.


Injure Yourself Or Worsen Your Current Injuries


Wearing heel shoes can often become problematic when you find that you are injuring yourself a lot. Injuries can leave you unable to walk well for a given period or even unable to work, exercise and socialise.


It’s even more worrying because injuring yourself can happen even after a few minutes of wearing heels, not just when they get worn for long periods. I’m sure every girl out there can relate, but when you’re walking in square toe heels on a night out with friends, there are plenty of obstacles along the footpath that could potentially incur an injury.


Whether it’s a pebble, uneven ground or accidentally taking the wrong wide steps, you can easily injure yourself whilst rocking those heels. It is an internal battle no one wants to face, but it is necessary to regulate how often you wear your heels to protect your health.


If you are prone to injuries even without wearing a low heel, this could be a problem for you too. However, if you are already injured or have (nearly) fully recovered, it may be best to not jump straight back into wearing your beloved animal print heels.


This problem is for those who have ankle, back or knee injuries. Wearing heels for too long can further ignite blood circulation issues, resulting in swollen legs and ruptured veins. Keep your feet looking pretty by minimising your daily wear of heels.


Arthritis And ‘Hammer Toes’


If you think you don’t wear heels too often, but you’re experiencing signs of arthritis and hammertoes, then girl, you need to take a step back with the heel-wearing! When wearing heels, the joints in your knees and then through to your foot can become a victim of arthritis later on if you wear your pair of black heels too often.


Not only can this occur, but wearing heels too often can lead to hammertoes. Hammertoes is when your toes have been forced into the same, bent position for so long that they are now glued in place.


It can be super painful and hard to relieve. Hammertoes may also cause blisters and calluses, which are painful, yes, but they are also a sad sight to see. So protect your goddess-like feet, girl, by checking our size guide!


Preventative Measures


We’re pretty sure you are now feeling super scared to wear another pair of peep toe heels, but try not to overthink it. You can still flaunt your latest pair of heels online anytime you like, but make sure you can rotate your heel-wearing schedule.


Some preventative measures you can take to avoid any health issues or injuries are by, firstly, wearing your heeled knee high boots for a shorter period. This can get achieved by taking a pair of flat shoes or flat boots with you so you can switch up your footwear throughout the night.      


Stretching has also proven quite effective, even if you aren’t a regular wearer of heels. Everyone should make stretching a part of their daily routine, so there are benefits to this now!   


Guilty Of Wearing Heels Too Often?


If you’re starting to see any of these issues arising, it may be because you’re wearing heels too often. So take these easy steps and try to these tips on board and avoid wearing your favourite heels too often. You’ve got this, girl!