How Our Wedding Shoes Will Make Your Special Day!

Make the most of a special day with Wildfire wedding shoes!


Enduring any setting


When the bride and groom are exchanging vows outdoors, it’s crucial that you have wedding shoes capable of dealing with the sand. Any venue that directly involves nature should factor into your decision.


At Wildfire, our block heels and wedges are two kinds of wedding shoes that can survive on uneven surfaces. With their larger bases and better support, these are a must-have for ladies who want to wear heels to outdoor ceremonies. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more when you can walk without tripping or rolling your ankles, and long-lasting comfort is another point in their favour.


Comfortable designs


Since we’re on the subject, it’s crucial that we get this particular message through to brides, grooms, and guest alike: pick comfortable wedding shoes! Wildfire's wedding shoes are comfy and beautiful, but only you know what height and style are going to give you the best feel for the longest time. Any of the options available in our range can see you through all of the festivities without getting sore feet.


Styles that you’ll love


Feeling great is only half of the battle when it comes to wedding shoes— you have to get something that looks amazing too! It could be a set of towering stilettos that can put your should-to-shoulder with the other women, or a pair of fashionable and elegant espadrilles, or classic natural block heels for something more subtle. Whatever your dream pair looks like, Wildfire has wedding shoes that can suit your preference.


Don’t discount flats just yet


Historically, there’s been somewhat of a taboo around wearing flat wedding shoes unless you have to be very old or young. Nowadays, and with a spread of glamorous options available, there’s no reason not to indulge.

At Wildfire, our strappy sandals would be the perfect pick for ladies who want flat wedding shoes.


Be prepared!


If you want to be sure that you can last the entire ceremony and into the reception or after party, then it might be worth packing a spare pair of wedding shoes; we suggest either a set of flats or a lower style of heels.  


Even if all goes well and they aren’t needed, you’ll feel better having them on hand as a backup anyway. Besides, you might be able to spare a friend or family member some grief if you can offer them your spare wedding shoes.


Avoid overdressing or undressing


As a guest, you may be able to get away with wearing wedding shoes that are more formal or casual than what people expect. However, if you’re a member of the immediate family or in the bridal party, then it’s imperative to get the look of your wedding shoes right.


Wildfire wedding shoes can dress up or down as needed. Still, if you want to save yourself potential embarrassment on the Big Day, then you should ask the bride and groom directly! That way, you’ll be sure about which sort of wedding shoes to add to your shopping list!


Save time and money at Wildfire


Wedding shoes can be the cherry on top of a pile of expenses. Guests will already be paying for gifts and outfits. The happy couple will have catering, cake, venue, invite, photography, and all sorts of other costs added on top of that. It’s important to save where you can while still getting great wedding shoes, and that’s what Wildfire is all about!


So, are you ready to shop for the Big Day?


Wildfire’s range of wedding shoes is diverse, fashionable, and super affordable. Visit us online today for a closer look; you won’t be disappointed!