How Over The Knee Boots Will Release Your Inner Confidence!

Boost Your Inner Confidence


Bring out your wild side and move with confidence in over-the-knee boots! If you’re tired of calf-high styles melting into your outfit without making an impact, then our thigh-highs will bring the dramatics that you crave! When you buy over-the-knee boots from Wildfire, you invest in an instant fashion statement.

If you want to try wearing baggy or oversized clothes this season, over-the-knee boots will help you pull off the look.


Knits with thick wool and lumpy sweater dresses are always favourites when the weather gets cold. Still, there are people who, understandably, feel self-conscious in clothes like these that swallow the shape of their figure. With over-the-knee boots, you can slim down loose outfits and avoid looking like a shapeless marshmallow. This way, you get to enjoy the cosiness of your casual clothes and keep them feeling stylish at the same time.


Over-the-knee boots also look fantastic with long coats and jackets.


Black, tan and other classic colour are popular on coats, but animal prints and other vibrant patterns are dominating the shelves in 2019. Whatever your dream jacket looks like, over-the-knee boots from Wildfire are sure to fit your fancy. Our styles can complement every shade or material imaginable, so you can make over-the-knee boots a staple in your weekly wardrobe and feel free to experiment with your clothing.


If you do want some styling tips, we love black-on-black combinations during winter with a splash of colour in between. However, a pair of our over-the-knee boots and a fluffy coat with leopard spots could help you embody the spirit of the season!


You can trust these tall shoes to help keep you warm.


At Wildfire, the fabric of choice for our over-the-knee boots is faux suede. Not only is this material soft against the skin and flexible for movement, but it is also warm. Instead of wearing tights, stockings, or leggings to layer-up against icy winds, you can try some over-the-knee boots instead.


Experiment with seasonal styles!


If you want to get more use out of your favourite party outfits from spring and summer during the winter months, then over-the-knee boots will be your secret styling weapon. Pretty floral jumpsuits and floaty dresses will look gorgeous with tall shoes— just make sure that you can see them! For a flirtier feeling look, leave a gap of skin between the top of your over-the-knee boots and your hemline.


The heel will support and bolster you.


There’s no need to feel intimidated by the heels on our over-the-knee boots!


The wide and comfy platform is effortless to wear indoors or outdoors. Since there’s a broader surface to balance on, block heels can endure thick carpet, grassy lawn, rocky or uneven surfaces, and other terrains hostile to heels. You can stop worrying about tripping or slipping because of a too-skinny stiletto point and have fun in over-the-knee boots instead.


Beyond the obvious support benefits, having a heel on over-the-knee boots can improve the fit of floor-brushing outfits, make your legs longer and more defined, and improve your posture. Every one of these features will have you looking (and feeling) at the top of your game.


Our styles are adaptable if you’re unsure of the dress code.


Over-the-knee boots can suit different setting and occasions easily; it all depends on what you wear with them. Your new pair could carry you from the office to a fancy dinner one day, and drop down to the shops or party with friends on the next.


Add these fabulous shoes into your collection this season!


Believe it or not, the fact that you’d even choose bold over-the-knee boots exudes confidence too.