How Spendless Stores Are Reinventing The Low Heel

Yes, you've heard that right. Kitten style low heels are back, and this time, they are here to stay! 


We love the 90s throwbacks thrown back into everyday fashion with small modern twists like silky slip dresses and slouchy trousers. We are very excited about the kitten style low heels!


Forget the pink pointed toe kitten styles you used to wear to your pre-teen school socials, these low heels are back better than ever, and we love it. These low heels usually come in a block or cake stand shape and are quite common in slip-on styles. However, they are just as commonly seen in a strappy sandal style too. 


Block Low Heels 


Low heels are very versatile; effortlessly take these shoes from day to night and vice versa. These styles make for perfect work shoes. If you are just like us, you must be getting sick and tired of wearing stilts to work each day, then opt for a pair of low heels. These babies will get you from point A to point B comfortably and pain-free. Still, pushing comfort aside, these low heels will also elevate your work look (without the additional height!)


Wildfire's block low heels are great for work and weekend wear. Team up a pair of strappy sandals with your favourite slim leg work pants, tuck in a simple tank and throw on a long line blazer. Low heels will perfectly complete your work look. For weekend wear, wear your favourite cuffed jeans or ankle grazers, tuck in a plain tee. You might also try throwing on a relaxed linen shirt and slip into a pair of strappy block low heels to complete this effortlessly relaxed look. 


As we said, these low heels will take your everyday outfit to new heights, grab yourself a pair of low block heels today and see for yourself just how versatile these shoes are. Trust us, give this kitten style a try, and you won't be reaching for any other shoes in your wardrobe!


Cake Stand Low Heels


Like low block heels, cake stand low heels are just as versatile. We think these shoes look best teamed up with your dressier event wear. Our cake stand styles are usually found in a slip-on style. However, we do have a few one-off sandal styles too. 


We believe cake stand styles look best when worn with your event wear, so slip into a pair of these low heels for your next event. Style a basic silky slip midi dress or opt for a mini full-sleeved tailored number and pair them with our cake stand low heels. Your outfit options are limitless with these stylish shoes; even pair them with your high waisted dress pants, jumpsuits and skirts. 


Our shoes come in a range of bright colours that are perfect for summer. Throw on some pastel low heels to take your basic looking outfits to another level, or of course, keep your outfit looking sophisticated in black and nude. Be bold and confident in these versatile shoes, and Wildfire is here to help you get there! 


Stylish Designs 


The classic kitten style has had a revamp, and Wildfire's collection of low heels comes in an array of classic styles but with a modern twist. These modern twists encompass chunky braids, barely-there straps, toe-thong straps, crocodile textures, crisscross textures and strappy knotted designs. 


Although these twists are contemporary and fresh, our low heels are still classic and timeless. We take our slingback pointed low heels or our peep-toe mules; these classic styles have been around for decades. And for good reason, these versatile shoes can be worn to work and right through to the weekend, have fun with these stylish designs and work them into any wardrobe ensemble. Our low heels will make fantastic key pieces in your wardrobe. 


Low heels popularity is on the rise. Not only are women wearing these tiny-heeled designs every day to the office, on weekends and night outs, but also, even brides are opting to wear these shoes on their special day. Gone are the days when ladies are willing to withstand sky-high stilettos' pain. Nowadays, brides are opting to wear these underrated low heels. 


That's right, ladies, 'beauty is no longer pain'. Ditch the stilettos and grab yourself a kitten style and embrace the relaxed height of low heels. Well, white is the shoe colour of the season, and if you are planning a wedding, then why not take a look at Wildfire's white low heels? Our modern designs will have your guests in awe watching you dance the night away pain-free in a relaxed kitten style. 


In our opinion, low heels are underrated, and we're here to show you just how amazing of a shoe they are. They are the perfect in-between shoes, one for the days when your flats just won't cut it, as well as one for the events where you'll have to put on the dreaded stilettos. We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect in-between shoes that can be worn casually and dressy, so don't stress anymore. We have done all the hard work for you! 

At Wildfire, we know the pressure you are under to find the perfect shoes to finish off an outfit, so check out our range of low heels and find the perfect pair. Find the right shoes that will take you from work to the weekend and even evening. Trust us, once you give these babies a try, you won't be reaching for any other shoes in your wardrobe! 


We think it's time that these shoes get the hype they deserve. No longer will kitten styles be pushed to the back of your wardrobes. These 90s favourites are back and have been reinvented, and we love the relaxed and edgy designs that have made these shoes a cult favourite. 


Whip these babies out the next time you need something with a little bit of height, and we guarantee you will turn heads!


Find the perfect low heels at Wildfire today!