How The Block Heel Will Transform Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe!

How The Block Heel Can Transform Your Wardrobe 

At Wildfire, you can find a fantastic range of block heels to cater to all your needs! Bring out your wild side with the perfect pair. The right style can take you from casual to formal and from work to weekend in an instant. If you need a go-to shoe for 2018, then we have the line-up for you! With so many colours to choose from and shoes designed for convenience and comfort, you will get hooked in no time!

So, what's so great about block heels?

The benefits

Block heels come with long-lasting comfort. Unlike stilettos and other thin styles, block heels provide support on multiple surfaces such as gravel, lawns, decks, and different terrain. The broader base distributes your body weight more evenly, which means your ankles and feet get subjected to less strain. With less pressure comes less muscle fatigue so that you can enjoy your tall block heels for hours on end.

Going casual

Just picture it for a moment. You're off to meet up with the girls for lunch since you haven't seen them for way too long. You slide on your favourite jeans (ignoring the loose thread and that tiny hole in the fabric), pull on a top you've worn three days in a row now, and start to look around for your shoes. You could go for the beaten-up trainers or your cute slides, but what about some block heels?

You should never underestimate the power the right kind of shoes can have on your mood or your confidence! Block heels are beautiful, elegant, and comfortable to wear. You can instantly upgrade your look from lazy to laidback, and gain a few centimetres in the process.

For formal occasions

Now, this is where block heels can shine! We have a slew of shiny metallic finishes and glittery materials that will look stunning at your next special event. Given their comfortable design (as explained above), block heels are the perfect option for extended periods of time up on your feet or out on the dance floor. At Wildfire, we love white, natural, and metallic block heels as wedding styles, whether it be for brides, bridesmaids, or regular guests!

The best looks for work

Did we mention that block heels are fabulous in the workplace too? With enclosed styles that should cater to various dress codes, a solid base that will keep you on your feet and many sophisticated looks, Wildfire's block heels are just what you need in your corporate wardrobe! These will look great with work pants, solid colours, and plain or patterned clothes. Our red, black, and pink block heels are favourites in the office, as they can be worn during the week with different outfits without feeling dull or tired.

From a visual standpoint

Unlike platforms and wedges, which can appear overly big or bulky, block heels strike the perfect balance with lightweight outfits. You can wear skirts, breezy dress, and slim-fit pants without feeling like your block heels look too clunky underneath. The reverse is also true— stilettos might seem odd in the wintertime paired up with big jackets or bulky coats, but block heels are just thick enough that it will not look awkward. As such, they can easily transition between seasons and will make a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Are you ready to unleash your wild side?

Find the best block heels this season with Wildfire! Jump online and browse our styles at your pleasure— it is so easy to navigate the site and refine your searches. You might even want to have a look at our accessories page, for the best add-ons with your block heels!