How The Perfect Pair Of Heels Can Give You The Ultimate Confidence Boost!

Finding The Perfect Heels 

It's 2018, and high heels are taking over! From sleek and slim stilettos to trendy pumps, high heels are making a compelling case in the world of formal and casual fashion. The latest looks are gorgeous and something to get behind fast. But why are we so obsessed with high heels at the moment? What has spurred this fast transition, and how did rhinestones go from evening attire to coffee date footwear?

Well, at Wildfire, we'll put forward that the greater public has reinvented the power of high heels for spring and summer, and that it's all to do with confidence!

How high heels help

Everyone knows how empowering a good pair of shoes can be. If you're having trouble feeling the part for something, then the first way to fix that is by looking the part.

First, there's the change in your size and your posture. High heels (literally) make you stand taller. It's kind of like power-posing, only people are less likely to start staring at you. If you're on the short side, this can be one way to boost yourself up.

Next, it changes your posture. Because of the way high heels fit your foot, they have an impact on your stance, so you will stand straighter anyway. The change in your gait can also make you appear more poised.
Finally, high heels finish off your look. Wearing something you love that looks and feels fabulous can help you maintain a positive self-image.

Bring your look up a level this weekend

As we said— high heels have made a quick transition into casual wear this season. More and more, we are seeing everyone's weekend favourites paired up with high heels. Skirts, jeans, and even sweat-pants are finding fashionable new friends to match with, and the result is a laidback and confident look.

It's an easy trick to pull off, and a fast way to lift an outfit if you decide to change your mind halfway out of the door. You can get the well-worn comfort of your best basics, while a shiny new set of high heels does all the hard work to make them seem a little more put-together.

Our picks this year

If you're ready to start searching for your perfect pair of high heels you might want, then allow us to offer some options:

Espadrilles are a must-have. We're calling it now because these are going to be huge. Espadrilles and other wedge-style high heels are looking to dominate the hot months. With chunky platforms and straps twisting around the ankles, espadrilles flow up your legs and make them look longer. The inlaid rope design in the base brings an exciting look and texture to these high heels.

Stilettos and other slim high heels with diamante trim are a great look too. If you love a sparkly anklet or glittery nail polish on your toes, then sweet styles with rhinestones are the perfect way to go. The diamanté trim can be a fun way to add some elegance and glamour to an otherwise relaxed look and offers some fun chances to accessorise.

If you want confidence and style in one, then a set of block-based high heels should do the trick! These are the ideal option for anyone who wants smooth, long-lasting wear. Go for eye-catching colours such as rose gold, fuschia, or red, and your high heels will instantly become the focal point of any look.

Are you ready to step out in confidence?

Bring the heat with your high heels this season, and bring out your wild side! If you want styles that can boost your confidence and make a statement in 2018, then Wildfire has everything you need!