How The Stiletto Transformed The Fashion World

Bring out your wild side with Wildfire stilettos!

Are you on the hunt for some fabulous new stilettos? We have all the looks you love waiting at Wildfire. But what kind of styles can you expect to find, and how did stilettos become such a hit in the first place?

Let's start with a fun fact, shall we?

Have you ever wondered how stilettos got their name? They got named after knives! Their long, thin points reminded people of daggers and blades, so the name of the heels got inspired by the Italian word for these: 'stilo'.

Why stilettos are so popular

Yes, we know it is because they are gorgeous. But why did they become so popular in the first place? Heels like stilettos have a significant impact on the way a person looks and walks in them. Not only do they make legs look longer and skinnier, but the gait they give their wearer supposedly appears more alluring. Neat, right?

Perfecting stilettos with accessories

Stilettos have been around for hundreds of years now, and designers are always looking for ways to push limits and make improvements to their design. One accessory stands out above the rest when it comes to helping out stilettos: the heel stopper. At Wildfire, we have Starlettos.

You can tell just from the name that these two are the perfect match. Counteracting the disadvantages of a thin base, Starlettos are a reusable platform that you can put onto the bottom of your stilettos. These provide a broader surface for you to stand on, preventing sinks and slips on surfaces like grass, sand, gravel, thick carpet, and decks.

Bring your wardrobe up to scratch

Stilettos are the perfect way to dress up a pair of jeans on the weekend, or to spice up a cute skirt. At work, these can also add a fun, feminine twist to otherwise bland or generic corporate wear.

So many designs to choose from

With such a solid standing and popularity over the last few decades, stilettos have dozens of substyles that can suit anyone. At Wildfire, our looks vary from office wear to cocktail attire and formal footwear, or even casual looks.

Concerning colour, you also get spoiled. We have shiny rose gold stilettos, glinting silver glitter, black (which goes with everything), natural (to make your legs look even longer), vibrant red (for an eye-catching look that will instantly draw attention), and even some bright pink!

Some of our main styles also include some other d├ęcor or unique finishes in their design. A faux suede material finish, for instance, is a much-loved look. Diamantes and other rhinestones are also incredibly popular, especially on formal stilettos.

Let's talk fastenings

Are you more of a buckle or zipper kind of gal?

Our strappy stilettos often come with zippers on the heel, as this makes for a fast fit on and off of feet. Ladies who are always rushing or in a hurry will appreciate the convenience.

Buckled ankle straps are another ideal design for stilettos. These guarantee the best fit and feel, given the fact that you can adjust the straps for your absolute comfort.

Try a lower variant

If you love the look of stilettos but not the height, then you could always try out a kitten heel! At Wildfire, these are some of our best-sellers. One of our looks incorporates a sling-back strap and an open heel. There is even a point to the toe for added elegance.

What kind of stilettos will you be adding to your wardrobe?

Bring out your wild side with Wildfire stilettos! For all the hottest new trends, browse our selection online, or find our products in store exclusively at Spendless Shoes.