How These Heels Will Elevate Your Winter Outfit!

Are you ready to make this winter one that you'll remember?


Awaken your wild side with our latest and greatest pairs of heels! Wildfire has the shoes to keep you in comfort whenever and wherever you need them. So, do you want to explore a handful of our much-loved styles? Have a look below!


Do you adore towering heels?


If the elevation is at the forefront of your mind, then our espadrille wedges are the shoes to choose! These big and blocky platforms have a base that will lift you and your look simultaneously. The thick base will have no trouble going indoors or outdoors and will keep you steady and balanced across different terrain types. Not only do the heels of our espadrille wedges help tone and slim down your calves, but they also create an optical illusion that makes your legs appear lengthier. Our platform heels are anything but subtle, so if you want to create a fashion spectacle that will have heads turning, then add a pair into your shopping cart!


Heels don’t get more classic than pumps!


These slip-on shoes are the ideal fusion of beauty and simplicity. The skinny stiletto base and sweeping slant create a gorgeous profile for every foot. Versatility is the name of the game here, so you can’t pass these up if you want heels that can be dressed up to fit any situation. The right pair of pumps can chameleon themselves into any outfit, whether it’s work pants and a blazer, your best evening dress, or your casual weekend clothes.


The material choice on our heels will also give your aesthetic a boost. We recommend shoes in a shiny red patent this winter. If you love bundling up in oversized coats and knits, then pumps can keep you from looking shapeless too.


Are you off to a formal event? Don’t forget your block heels!


These glamorous shoes combine the sophistication of stilettos with the practically of voluminous platforms, and the result is long-lasting luxuriousness. Whether you’ll spend your next event seated at a table or dancing the night away, our block heels are the prime pick. With their stunning open-air design and slim straps over the toes and around the ankle, these will complement your formal clothes flawlessly.


Did we mention our short heels are marvellous too?


While we’ve covered high designs, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of mid-range or short heels that can elevate your outfits this season as well!


Mules are an excellent example of mid-range heels that can take your look to the next level. Our favourites will gift see-through bands (one of 2019’s best fashion features) to your wardrobe. Clear straps are trending, and we’re all for it! You can bring a fun and modern feel to your collection with a pair of translucent mule heels instantly.


Sometimes sophistication doesn’t come from the biggest stilettos, but instead from the graceful shaping of a dainty sling-back. At Wildfire, our low kitten heels have a timeless elegance and air. While they may not have you seeing eye-to-eye with taller people, these bring the same level of formality to an outfit as any stiletto would. These are fantastic for work and lengthy occasions such as weddings. Finding sling-back heels to modernise your ensembles will be effortless because of the various colours available. So, the only challenge is stopping at one pair!


Which of these fabulous heels will you take home tonight?


We hope you enjoyed this quick taster of our Wildfire heels, but if you’re hungry for more, then head over to our website! You’re sure to find the pair of your dreams from our collection.