How To Avoid Wedding Shoe Regret

A lot of time, effort, and thought go into your big day, especially your bridal outfit! Yet, the one thing on your mind is your dress, and your wedding shoes seem forgotten. Yet, like a wedding day, this special day is the most important day for every bride. 


Wildfire wants you to feel memorable and comfortable on your wedding day. Every bride, especially the modern bride, needs a wildfire-made bridal shoe. These brands' shoes are among the most comfortable wedding shoes worldwide. 


Even a wedding guest is looking for a perfect pair of shoes that give all-day comfort and feel comfortable. When choosing bridal shoes, you also have to consider the bridal heels, colours, and styles, that match your wedding dress. Not only for the bride or brides. 


But also for the bridesmaid. The bridesmaid shoes are also comfortable wedding shoes that last from the wedding party and engagement party until the reception hall. The wedding gown of the bride or bride must be considered.


Not all brides or brides walking down the aisle are wearing the colour ivory, as long as the bride and brides look elegant on their wedding day. During the ceremony, your beautiful shoes give a sparkle to every wedding guest.


Don't worry; we won't hold that against you; your wedding shoes are usually barely seen since they are hidden underneath your floor-length gown! Also, the wedding dress should match the bridal heels of the bridal shoes.


The Wildfire gives you the most comfortable wedding shoes that are very popular in all UK shops. These brands are well known in all shops worldwide, especially in Australia. Other brands like Bella Belle are not the same in style. There is a big difference between the two. The Bella Belle colours are minimal.


However, That Doesn't Mean You Can't Dress Your Feet In Style! 


Regardless of whether you are wearing a floor-length gown or not, don't let your feet feel forgotten about. Instead, dress them up in style in a trendy pair of high heels or flats if that's more your style, and more importantly, at a price point, you will love them. 


At Wildfire, our range of shoes is versatile and unique, so we are sure you will find the perfect wedding shoes for your big day. That's why you should wear your most comfortable shoes that last for long hours. 


The bridal heels and bridesmaid shoes should also be considered because the ceremony will take a long time, from walking down the aisle to the wedding party, engagement party, and many parties to attend.


Read on as we take you through five top tips and our favourite styles of wedding shoes that we're sure you'll adore! 




Traditional wedding shoes that feature sparkles, glitz, and diamantes and the colour tones of beige, white, and ivory have slowly become tired and outdated. Instead, block heels look glamorous in a different style.


However, if you are looking for something more traditional, Wildfire's range of silver wedding shoes has had a modern makeover. We can guarantee that these bright, glitzy styles are far from conventional and outdated! Our silver wedding shoes feature a block or stiletto heel shape and, with all the glitz and glamour, are the perfect combination for your big day.


Let your wedding shoes do the talking with these heels featuring glittery diamante-covered toe straps. These formal cocktail heels will add height, flatter your legs, and look stunning with your gown. You will find any excuse to show off these wedding shoes, maybe even opt for a short dress style to allow these heels to do the talking! 


Block heels are a perfect fit for any dress. Match this with any bag to look elegant. Any shoe, like flats, gives support to your legs and feet.




Nowadays, a lot of women are opting to choose wedding shoes that are unique and different, that show off each bride's style. And to tell you the truth, we don't hate it! So, why not stray from tradition and try our trendy heels if you are hunting for wedding shoes? 


These wedding shoes will have your feet looking trendy and will represent your unique style on your big day. And better yet, these wedding shoes are also highly comfortable to spend the day in. Sometimes the guest is not after the wedding gown; they look much more at the brand's shoes.


Of course, comfortable bridal footwear is a priority, but style is equally important; wearing a long gown is no excuse for shoes that don't feel special.


What More Could You Ask For In A Pair Of Wedding Shoes? 


So what are you looking for in a pair of wedding shoes? Are you looking for a classic buckle-up heeled sandal? Or a modern slip-on-heeled style? Or even a flat or a comfy sneaker to throw on once you are ready to dance the night away? 


Whatever wedding shoes you choose, you can guarantee that you will be so impressed by the affordable price point that you will insist on picking up more than one pair for your big day! 


At Wildfire, our heels are all so versatile and different, so you will be sure to find the perfect heel shape and size just for you. So whether you are looking for a block heel, a stiletto heel, a cake stand heel or a slim block heel, and of course, in a range of heel heights, 




Opt for a classic buckle-up style in a stable block heel; with this kind of heel design, you can be sure that your feet will be comfortable with their supportive ankle straps. With a chunky block heel, you can be sure that these wedding shoes will keep you comfortable all day long! 


You will be spoilt for choice with our range of buckle-up heels. Choose from a range of standard colours like black, nude, and tan. But since white is the season's colour, we have a vast range of hot white heels too, which is the perfect shade for wedding shoes! 




If you'd prefer to slip into something more modern, you can't go past a slip-on heel! Our slip-on heels are one of the most versatile in our collection, and we think they make perfect wedding shoes too. 


Our slip-on styles feature trendy strapped designs, and what's great about these heels is that most of them are mid-to-low heel height. So, these wedding shoes will give you the size you want. Since a low heel is the season's heel, why not walk down the aisle in comfort? 




If you are wearing white on your special day, then why not do something different and add some colour to your wedding shoes? For instance, have you thought about incorporating "something blue" into your footwear? 


If you like that sound, make your way over to Wildfire! Amongst other colours, we have some blue heels for you, which will add uniqueness and show your individuality on your big day. 


However, the colours don't stop there! Find the perfect shade for your big day; whether it's mint green, baby blue, lilac, white, or shimmery silver or gold, you can bet that you will find the perfect coloured wedding shoes at Wildfire! 


AND LATER... Slip Into Something More Comfortable 


At every celebration, guests kick their heels off to hit the dance floor, which certainly shouldn't be limited to the bride. Block heels and flats are also best for all-day comfort. 


Of course, many of you will bring a backup pair of slides or flip-flops, but have you thought about something more secure, such as your trusty sneakers? We know it may sound odd, but you wear your white sneakers everywhere, so why not incorporate them into your big day too? 


You can also guarantee that you will move around much more quickly on the dance floor! While dancing on the floor, your block heels sparkle in every guest's eye.


Find Your Perfect Wedding Shoes At Wildfire! 


At Wildfire, all bridal shoes are available online. Buying bridal shoes online is easy for the bride, brides, and even bridesmaids—free shipping for all bridesmaid's shoes you buy. And shipping for online services worldwide is also free, especially in Australia. Shipping options are also applicable for a vast order of bridal heels.


Make your way over, and we guarantee you will find a pair or two of wedding shoes that will suit your big day. Please visit our shop or store for more styles and colours. The shoe size can be seen online too.


You can afford to buy more than one pair for your special day. 

So, without further delay, 'say YES to your wedding shoes! Then, please continue shopping with us!