How to Care for Your Favourite Heels!

If you love wearing heels, keeping them looking good and in top form is essential because they affect your day-to-day. But let's face it, everything you do when you wear them makes an impact. And while it can be challenging to make your favourite heels last, it's not impossible. 

Wildfire is a reputable brand that ladies go to when they need shoes. Where else can you get the best tips on caring for your favourite shoes than from the brand that knows them best? While Wildfire heels are long-lasting and durable, knowing how to maintain them is advantageous. Platforms and low heels alike deserve TLC in light of everything they have been through with you. Whether you're a newbie or you've been wearing heels for a long time, the tricks we'll share will ensure you can wear them longer. Taking those extra minutes each day to show your shoes what they deserve will bring you more days of comfort, support, and style. Let's start!


Tip 1—Use Spray Protection


The best time to start caring for your heels is when you unbox them. Protect them even before you wear them for the first time. Use Wildfire's water and stain protection spray to create an invisible layer on your heels. This layer acts as a shield that prevents liquid and dirt from seeping through your shoes' material, giving you time to wipe them off when you get home. You must reapply constantly, weekly, if possible, as the protection diminishes.


Tip 2—Clean Them Constantly


Please don't come home and leave your favourite heels as they are. Once you get home, take a few minutes to wipe off the grime and muck on your shoes. Leaving them stuck on your heels can destroy the material. When cleaning, ensure you take everything off. Check all the corners and crevices to see if you got them all. Knock them together to remove loose dirt—a step you should do outside the house so that you can leave the muck there.


Tip 3—Let Them Rest


We understand the intense need to wear your Wildfire heels constantly because we also do that! But like all things, your shoes need rest. Rotate what you wear to give your heels some time to breathe. By alternating the use of your shoes, you won't wear them out quickly. Also, using flats on other days is excellent for your foot health. Wearing heels forces your feet into an unnatural angle and can strain your feet, legs, and lower back. Moreover, these shoes can constrict blood flow and cause your feet to swell. Not using them daily can ease the flow and reduce the swelling.


Tip 4—Keep Them Dry


Exposing your heels to moisture is unavoidable. Rainy weather and sweat are some causes for moisture build-up in shoes. Keeping them dry is essential to prevent bacterial and fungal infections, which can lead to foul odours. The best way to dry wet heels is by doing it naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. Wipe up excess moisture and add scrunched-up newspapers inside to hasten the drying process. Replace the newspapers every few hours to dry your shoes faster.


Tip 5—Allocate Proper Storage


One mistake we often make with our favourite heels is to leave them by the door. While we understand the hurry to remove them and change into your Wildfire slippers, you should keep them from lying around where dust and dirt can settle. Invest in shoe closets, racks, or bags you can place near the door, and store your heels there.


Tip 6—Practice Proper Walking Techniques


How you walk while wearing your heels affects you and your shoes. Stomping every step is not good for you and can destroy your shoes, especially if they are narrow and thin, like stilettos. Because elevated shoes can alter your balance, you must practice wearing them. Learning to walk correctly with heels will make you look and feel great while ensuring your shoes maintain tip-top shape. 

Please remember to take small steps. It would help to shorten your stride and put one foot in front of the other, moving heel-to-toe. Move at a comfortable pace, never dragging your heels because it can destroy the material. More importantly, set aside thirty minutes of practice daily. Walk on different surfaces to get used to them. Doing this will develop muscle memory and increase your tolerance for height.


Tip 7—Ensure They Smell Good


An unpleasant smell wafting from your heels is a big turn-off, so ensure it never happens. Prevention of moisture can keep your shoes odourless. Use several household items to keep them smelling fresh and brand-new. 

Baking soda is an excellent household item to absorb smells and moisture. Sprinkle it directly inside the shoes, then leave it overnight. Shake your shoes the next day, knocking them together to remove the remaining baking soda. Wipe the excess off so you won't step on baking soda when you wear your heels. 

However, some people do not like having baking soda directly inside their shoes and prefer a subtler way of dealing with the issue. You can create coffee packs with coffee grounds, a small cloth, and string. Leave these inside your heels until the next time you use them. You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the packets before placing them inside to hit two birds with one stone: absorb the smell and leave a pleasant scent behind.


Tip 8—Check Often


While they say out of sight, out of mind is good, it doesn't apply to heels. Even if you don't use them, check them often. Giving them a thorough check will help identify damages in time. This way, you take your heels for repair before it's too late!


Ensure Your Heels Remain Top Quality!


Follow our tips to ensure that your favourite heels will last longer. And if the day comes when they become too worn out, head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop online to grab a new favourite pair. You deserve to show the world your best foot forward!

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