How to Care for Your Heels With Ease!

Caring for everything that matters, including shoes, is human nature because people want to prolong their time together. In this case, if you find something that works well for you, wouldn’t you want to keep using it as much as possible?


Taking care of heels is easy but requires time and dedication. Therefore, you must keep doing them regularly, especially if you want them to last long enough to serve you.


But do you know how to care for your heels with ease?


Several steps ensure proper maintenance, which the Wildfire team will address. You don’t need to stress over figuring out how to clean and maintain your Wildfire heels because all you have to do is read on. But if you’re eager to start, let’s go!


1. Protect from the Onset


Ensure protection for your heels even before you first wear them. Stain and waterproof spray, such as the one available at Wildfire, can add another layer of protection from snow, ice, salt, or rain, which can all ruin the material.


2. Give Proper Cleaning


Proper cleaning of your heels starts the moment you get home. Give your shoes a good wiping down, removing dirt attached to the surface. 


Dampen a cloth with warm water to get the caked mud. Wipe your shoes gently, ensuring you get all the hard-to-reach ones, even the crevices.


3. Dry Correctly


Whether you got them wet while wearing them or want to dry them after cleaning, never dry them via direct heat sources. Instead, leave your heels to dry naturally. 


It usually takes a couple of hours to dry, but if you want to hasten the process, you can use a household item like a newspaper. Newspapers have absorption capabilities, so scrunch up a couple and place them inside the heels. 


Replace every two hours to make the drying process even faster.


4. Choose the Best Storage


You can invest in different kinds of storage. Please get a shoe closet or rack if you have enough floor space. But if you can’t add any of the two, get shoe bags for your heels instead. 


This storage won’t occupy space because you hang it at the back of your door. Never leave your heels lying around, as dust can settle on them.


5. Never Use Them for Driving


Driving in heels can be dangerous because your shoe can get stuck while stepping from the gas to the brake. A split-second mistake can cause a massive accident. 


On top of that, driving in heels puts a lot of pressure on the footwear when stepping on the pedals, which may cause them to break. Why risk it when you can select any from Wildfire’s collection of flats and keep them inside your car? 


Change into them when you drive, then slip back into them when you leave the vehicle.


6. Let Them Rest


Do yourself and your heels a favour by not wearing them every day. Constant wearing is unsuitable for your body because of the pressure on your balls, leading to leg and lower back pain. 


As for your heels, rest allows them to breathe, so they will be ready to serve you the next time you need to put your best foot forward!


7. Keep Them Smelling Fresh


When your heels start smelling funky, you can use a couple of household items to solve the problem. One way is to sprinkle baking soda directly inside the footwear. 


Shake your heels so that the baking soda will spread all over. Leave it inside your shoes overnight to absorb the dirt and reduce the smell. Knock them together the next day to remove the baking soda. 


Wipe the insides with a soft cloth to remove the remaining ones.


However, not everyone’s keen to put baking soda directly into their footwear, so use an alternative way. Make coffee packets to put inside the heels. You will need a small cloth, coffee, and string. 


Once you’ve created the packs, place them inside your heels. You have the option to add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Use them to absorb the funky smell and leave a good scent.


8. Walk the Right Way


The way you walk affects the longevity of your heels. If you stomp your way around while wearing them, expect a shorter life span for your footwear. 


Walk with a bit of finesse, with one foot after the other. When wearing heels, follow a heel-to-toe motion, which you can even chant in your head while you walk.


Not everyone can walk in heels confidently the first time, so allow the Wildfire team to share some tips.


  • So do this, especially if it’s your first time wearing heels. Set aside time daily to walk around the house and try them on different surfaces.

  • Break in the shoes with the help of thick socks. Do this when practising around the house to ensure the heels will mould to your feet’s shape. Hasten the process with the use of a blow dryer. 

    While wearing socks, blow dry your shoes. The heat will expand the footwear quicker and mould it to your feet.

  • Like when riding a bike, never look down when wearing heels. Balance is key. Look straight ahead towards the end point and walk with your head held high as if you’re balancing an invisible book on top of your head.


9. Keep Up with Repairs


Please avoid waiting until the heels are beyond repair before you do something about them. Instead, give your shoes a complete once over to check what needs fixing. 


With constant wearing, your heels will get a beating, and damages are unavoidable. Bring your footwear to the cobbler for assessment and repair. Use heel stoppers so your stilettos won’t get stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


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