How To Care For Your High Heels!

Are you sick of replacing heels a season after you buy them? Wildfire’s gorgeous shoes should last you ages and ages, no matter how often you take them out to party. Of course, some extra maintenance and more thoughtful wear will work wonders for extending the shelf-life of your favourite heels! We’ll tell you all of our most popular shoe-saving methods right now, so keep reading to discover all of the details! 


Tidy up your faux suede heels with an Instant Shine Sponge!


Do your favourite shoes need a clean? Clearing junk, grime, dust, and other messes off of your best heels don’t need to be time-consuming or difficult. That’s why Wildfire has the Instant Shine Sponge for customers. Uncap this handy sponge, scrub the surface of your shoes, and they’ll look good as new in no time. 


While this shoe care accessory is a favourite of ours for freshening up faux suede styles, you can use this sponge on heels in any material or colour. Since the sponge works dry, there’s no risk of ruining soft fabrics or other sensitive materials, unlike with wet or waxy polishes. Of course, if you’re using Instant Shine on heels with décors like diamantes or beads, you should still brush over them delicately! 


Do you have high heels with leather or leather-look material?


Our Dubbin cleaning product can spruce up your pair and keep them looking fresh! Unlike other polishes and sticky varnishes, Dubbin is colourless, so it won’t stain your hands or clothing if you get messy while you’re putting it on your heels. The leather (or faux material) on your shoes will get cleaned, nourished, and waterproofed by a fresh coating of Dubbin. 


You’ll be able to use this solution on other footwear too, such as work or school shoes, so it’s not an accessory that is only useful for heels and platforms. Plus, a little dollop of Dubbin goes a long way, and your tub should last you for ages! 


Are you heading outdoors in stilettos or other skinny heels?


Don’t forget to put our Stoppers on your shoes! If you don’t want to risk your heels getting ruined during your next outdoor venture, our supportive accessories are an excellent pick. Have you ever suffered through the indignity of a face-plant or a spectacular spill after snagging your platforms? 


With Stoppers on your heels, you can walk across grass, loose rocks, and uneven pathways with ease and confidence! These clear-coloured Stoppers slide onto the end of your skinny platforms and provide a larger platform for you to balance on when you wear them. You won’t need experience snapping your heels off between the gaps of a deck, or risk sinking your shoes into sand or wet grass. Place our stopper accessories onto your event shoes, and you never need to feel nervous about wearing stilettos! 


Think carefully about where you take your heels!


This last piece of advice is something that can keep your shoes in good order too! You can take care of your best-loved pair of high heels by considering where and when it’s best to take them out. For instance, if it’s pouring with rain or there are lots of puddles outside, then you should keep your faux suede shoes tucked away safely in the wardrobe. Assess the weaknesses and strengths of your heels and plan your outfits accordingly. That way, you’re sure to get the best wear out of your pair! 

So, what do you think? 


Will you be taking home any of Wildfire’s shoe care accessories for your heels this season? If you want to keep your shoes in the best condition, you know what you need to do!