How to Care for Your High Heels 101

You spent ages looking for the best high heels that kept you going in comfort and style. Unfortunately, it's rare to find the ones you can enjoy for hours pain-free. Once you've got your hands on them, you'd want to preserve and keep them longer. 


It's also good to remember where you got your excellent high heels (probably at Wildfire) so you can come back to get another pair.


The next question is, "Do you know how to care for them?"


Caring for your favourite pair of high heels requires commitment. However, it will give you a certain feeling of accomplishment and pride every time you pull them out of your closet, season after season, still looking as good as the day you got them.


Our team at Wildfire is here to lend you a hand in keeping your favourite Wildfire high heels around longer. The tips we're sharing will help you take care of your shoes, so they can continue to care for you.


1. Give them a rest day.  


Your high heels work hard and need time to rest so that you don't wear them out quickly. Alternate using your shoes, giving them time to breathe and be ready the next time you wear them. 


Giving your shoes time to rest is also suitable for you since wearing them all the time can harm your posture and health.


2. Clean them regularly.


When dirt and dust harden on your high heels, they can weaken the material and cause them to crack. Avoid this by cleaning your shoes regularly. 


Dust off and wipe away dirt upon getting home. Check all the corners of your high heels to ensure you do not leave any part unturned.


3. Keep them dry.


Because the weather can be unpredictable, there's a chance your high heels can get wet, so it's essential to dry them before storage. Moisture can cause bacterial and fungal build-up, leading to a foul smell. And we don't want these things to develop in your high heels.


Never put your shoes near direct heat sources, as this can crack the material and destroy them. Instead, let your high heels breathe naturally for a day. 


In addition, you can hasten the drying process by using scrunched newspapers and placing them inside to absorb the moisture.


One way to rid your high heels of foul odour is to create small packets with coffee inside them. Add a few drops of essential oil to the container before placing them inside the shoes. Leave them inside your high heels until the next time you use your shoes.


4. Store them properly.


Invest in a shoe closet or rack so your high heels will have a resting place. Of course, you must keep them away from areas where dust can settle on them. If your place doesn't have floor space, you can opt for shoe bags, which you can hang on the door.


5. Check them for damages.


Your high heels bear the brunt of everyday wear and tear. Therefore, you must address the damage immediately. Leaving them to rot longer can cause more harm to your high heels.


As they say, prevention is better than cure. For instance, you can use heel stoppers, available at Wildfire, to protect the tips of your high heels. 


These are especially useful for stilettos because they prevent them from sinking into soil or sand and slipping between cracks, which can cause damage.


Water and stain protection sprays add a shield layer to your high heels, so water and stains cannot damage them quickly. It's best to spray them upon unboxing before using your new shoes. Then you can reapply them every so often.


6. Wear them correctly.


While it takes practise to walk in them correctly, putting your foot down all at once can be damaging. So instead, walk lightly in your high heels, fluidly from heel to toe. Heavy thuds can add more pressure to your shoes.


7. Remove them properly.


We understand how tiring one whole day of being on your feet can be, and once you get home, all you want to do is take your high heels off as quickly as possible. 


We've all done it at some point, using the other foot to remove the opposite shoe. But please avoid doing that because it crushes the heel cap.


Step out of your high heels lightly and with the same care as when you put them on. And please don't leave them lying there. Instead, check the high heels for any damage or dirt, wipe them off, and store them where they should be.


8. Never drive in them.


If you wear high heels for the day, please take them off when driving. Pressing the pedals puts a lot of pressure on the shoes and can lead to breakage. 


Plus, wearing them can be dangerous, as they hinder the smooth movement of your foot between pedals. So instead, you can leave driving shoes in the car, like loafers or ballet flats, and change into them when driving.


How to Care for Your Feet After Wearing High Heels All Day


We've given you tips on lengthening the life of your shoes, but we must not forget about your feet. Your feet must be aching after hours of wearing heels, so here are a few ways to relieve the pain and swelling.


  • Elevate your feet by propping them on a pillow or the wall so that blood can circulate and reduce the swelling. 

  • Soak your feet in a bowl or tub of hot water.

  • If you have open wounds from the constant rubbing, disinfect them before putting on plaster.


May Your Shoes Live Longer!


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