How to Care for Your Wildfire High Heels

Finding the perfect high heel is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s a jackpot, and you want to cherish it forever or for as long as possible. To do that, you must take specific steps to keep them around for longer. 


While you can always return to Wildfire for the best high heels, it’s not the same as having the original one. You still remember the day you got them, down to minor details.


Only some can fully say they are comfortable in these. The rest would rather stay closer to the ground or wear something flat. 


So, if you're one of the lucky few who can stay on their feet for extended hours in a pair of high-heeled shoes that took you a while to find, ensure you take care of them and keep them around longer.


With the help of our team from Wildfire, here are some ways you can care for your Wildfire high heels. A few minutes each day equals more days filled with comfort, support, and style. Let’s start!


1. Apply protection constantly.


Caring for your heels starts before you start wearing them. Protect them with a water and stain protection spray, which creates an invisible layer. 


It prevents liquid and dirt from seeping through the material long enough for you to wipe them off. The protection diminishes as days wear on, so you must reapply constantly.


2. Wipe and clean after each use.


Clean them at every opportunity you get. After getting home, wipe off the grime and muck stuck on your shoes. 


Ensure you reach the crevices and corners because leaving a speck of dirt can ruin the material. Knock your heels together to remove loose dirt; it’s best to do this part outside the house so that you won’t bring dirt inside.


3. Alternate the use of your shoes.


Although Wildfire high heels are famous for their durability, we recommend rotating your shoes for several reasons. The first is to ensure you don’t wear out your shoes. The second reason is to keep you healthy. 


High-heeled shoes worn daily can affect your posture, straining your body and feet. They force your feet into an unnatural angle, affecting your balance and hurting your foot. They can constrict blood flow and cause them to swell. When you rest from wearing them, your blood can flow freely and remove swelling. 


If they need rest, so should your high heels. Give them a break from constant use to air them out and maintain their brand-new state.


4. Protect them from moisture. 


Moisture is any shoe’s worst enemy. It can cause bacterial and fungal build-up, which causes problems like foul odour and weakening of materials. Avoid these consequences by keeping them completely dry before storage.


If they get wet, wipe them down when you get home. Dry them naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun and radiator heaters. 


If you need them immediately, use scrunched-up newspapers to hasten the process. Place them inside the shoe and replace them every few hours to dry them faster.


5. Store properly.


Leaving your high heels lying around will quicken their demise. Keep them away from floating dust and other dirt by placing them in storage. 


Invest in shoe closets or racks. However, you can buy shoe bags for your high heels if you do not have enough floor space. Hang these bags behind the doors to save space.


6. Good walking techniques.


How you walk in high heels affects them. Stomping while wearing them can destroy your shoes, especially if you’re wearing stilettos


Since high heels alter your balance and move your centre of gravity, walking in them requires practice and some finesse. Learning to walk gracefully can minimise wear and tear. Some tips:


  • Take smaller, delicate steps with high heels. Shorten your stride and place your foot down in a heel-to-toe manner.

  • Move at a comfortable pace. Avoid dragging your high heels in haste, as this can destroy the material.

  • Practise on different surfaces. Spend 30 minutes walking on other surfaces daily. Doing this will develop muscle memory and increase your tolerance for height. You’ll be an expert in no time.


7. Keep them smelling fresh.


A foul odour in high heels is a big no-no! It can be distracting and leave people with a negative impression of you. 


Hygiene is essential, and one of the ways others can tell if you have an excellent one is how you care for yourself, including your clothing and footwear.


There’s no need to shell out a lot of money to keep them smelling fresh. Household items like baking soda and coffee can do the trick. Sprinkle baking soda directly inside your high heels. 


Leave it overnight and let it absorb the smell and moisture. Knock them together the following day to remove the remaining baking soda. Ensure nothing’s left behind by wiping everything off.


Others are not too keen on having baking soda directly on their high heels and would prefer a less subtle way to address the issue. Here’s where you can use your coffee grounds. 


Make coffee packets by placing them inside small cloths sealed with a string. Leave these inside your high heels until the next time you use them. 


Some people add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the packets before placing them inside because this combination absorbs the foul smell and leaves a pleasant scent behind for subsequent use.


8. Check often.


Take time to check your high heels often. Get them from storage and give them a full check. Frequent inspections will help you find and fix problems before it's too late.


Keep Your High Heels Top Quality!


Wildfire women's high heels are top quality, and you can maintain that by following these simple steps. When you need a new pair, go to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop online!


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