How To Care For Your Winter Boots!

Do you have trouble getting your winter boots to last through the season? We’re confident that any of Wildfire’s trendy 2020 shoes can go the distance. But, if you’re a routine shoe-wrecker, then we have a few pointers for you. 

Be discerning about which winter boots you wear in particular weather!

Wildfire has a huge array of designs, but the majority have material that is either faux suede or synthetic leather. 

Faux (and micro) suede winter boots are soft, fluffy, and add an interesting texture element to your overall ensemble. However, while the vegan-friendly version is less susceptible to water damage than genuine suede, getting the material wet is still not ideal. If you want to wear faux suede winter boots out into rainy weather, then we recommend sealing them with waterproofing spray from Spendless Shoes (our exclusive in-store stockists). 

But, if you want hardy shoes that can face stormy conditions head-on, then our leather-look designs are the way to go! Like our faux suede pairs, winter boots made from synthetic leather are vegan-friendly and more resilient than their animal-derived counterparts. As such, stomping through puddles and walking through wet grass won’t cause issues for you. 

Now that you know the details about our winter boots, make sure you carefully consider the weather forecast before you choose your shoes for the day!  

Choose winter boots with heels you can handle!

If you want to get the most out of your shoes, then picking ones that you feel confident wearing is the key! The same way you need to pick the proper material, you might choose to forgo your heeled winter boots in favour of a short style. While the tall block heels on our designs offer excellent support, comfort, and stability, some people find platform shoes tricky to wear on wet and slippery surfaces. As such, if you feel uneasy about wearing high heels outdoors in summer and spring, then we highly recommend short-heeled winter boots during wet conditions. You will feel better taking these out-and-about, and you won’t risk any shoe-related mishaps either! 

Keep our Instant Shine Sponge handy! 

One easy way to ensure that your winter boots last the year is by regularly cleaning them! Here at Wildfire, our Instant Shine Sponge can clean up your shoes in second. This dry-working sponge suits all colours, finishes, and material types, so when you aren’t using it on your winter boots, you can spruce up the rest of your footwear. Simply uncap Instant Shine, scrub your shoes for a few seconds, and they will be good as new in no time! As we’ve said, this cleaner works on faux suede material and synthetic leather, so sorting out your winter boots won’t be a lengthy or difficult process. 

Replace sad and tired-looking shoelaces!

You can count on Wildfire’s winter boots to last the distance, but what about styles with shoelaces? Rainy weather, dirty conditions, and other things can muck up your shoes. And, while cleaning watermarks and other messes off of the material of winter boots is simple enough, ratty laces are another matter. You don’t want frayed and tired ties to bring down the look of your shoes, but, luckily, the solution is as easy as switching them with new shoelaces! Here at Wildfire, we have black and white laces that can replace the ones on your winter boots. In fact, we even have round and flat versions and ones in different lengths. Our range of accessories has got you well-sorted, even if you just want to change the colour or length of the laces on your winter boots! 

How do you feel now?

After reading this article, we hope you feel more confident about caring for your winter boots!