How To Choose The Perfect Stilettos

A Girls Guide To Choosing Stilettos 

Are you searching for this season's most stunning stilettos? No matter what the occasion, Wildfire has stilettos to help you stand out. And, since we have what you need, we can focus on what you want!

What are the things to look out for while you choose the perfect stilettos?

What's the appeal?

For starters, stilettos bring instant glamour, are great for special occasions, and feel lightweight and fun.

They are less bulky than block heels, both while physically wearing them and walking around, and concerning aesthetics. Where a pair of block heels may seem too chunky for a flowy dress or skirt, stilettos are the perfect option.

Stilettos are also considered essential as formal wear. You will always find them at weddings, parties, work functions, and other formal events. These are a timeless classic, and the right pair of stilettos can be worn again and again with different outfits and still look fantastic.

A material work

Wildfire has stilettos in an array of different materials. You might want a glossy, mirror-like patent finish to shine or your feet. Faux suede is soft, smooth, and a trendy look any day. Or, if you want a synthetic pair of stilettos, you can go for a bold matte or sleek and glamorous metallic!

The height

Low, medium, high— we're not talking about temperatures, you know! Our stilettos come in a wide spread of heights, so you can find ones to suit your occasion and your lifestyles. Whether you need something low and practical for work, or tall and glamorous for a wedding reception, we have the range to suit you!

The ideal fastening

Now, there is a good deal of debate around this. Rest assured; Wildfire we can help you out. Let's look at the pros and cons of buckled, slip-on, and zip-up stilettos.

Zippers tend to be on the back heel of these shoes. If you want a strappy style that you can still get on and off at a moment's notice, then these are a great choice! Zip-up styles save time, which is excellent if you need to get going in a hurry. However, they can be a dominating feature on the shoe.

Stilettos with buckles tend to have them on the top ankle strap. On an otherwise open style, this can provide a changeable fit that could suit your ankle shape for years! If your feet swell after long hours of wearing heels, then being able to adjust for comfort will be a dream come true. Unfortunately, the design does make them slower to get on and off.

Slide-on or slip-on stilettos are the last kinds. Like zip-up styles, these are great for a fast fit onto feet. The ease of wear and convenience is unparalleled for these stilettos. The drawbacks are that you won't be able to adjust for a looser or tighter fit, and lack any extra straps for support.

So, what matters to you more: convenience and ease of wear, adjustable comfort, or security? Answer that, and you're on your way to finding the perfect stilettos for you!

Improve your stilettos with accessories

One hazard of wearing thin heels like stilettos is that they can be more susceptible to certain terrain types. Uneven surfaces, soft lawns, decks with gaps, and rocky roads can pose a challenge for stilettos. However, Wildfire has the solution! Starlettos are a unique brand of heel-stoppers we have for just this reason. Place them on the end of your heel for a broader, more stable platform, so you can stop tip-toeing around outside!

Come and make a selection from our collection today!

Burn bright and bring out your wild side with the range from Wildfire!