How To Choose The Right Heels For The Right Occasion

Choose the right heel shoes for the right occasion with Wildfire! Are you looking for some handy tricks that will make shopping for your next pair of heels online easier? 


Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Wildfire team is always happy to help customers find their way to the perfect pair of heels (or any other kind of heeled sandals). In this handy article, we’ll talk you through a few of the things you should consider before you go shopping next. 


Shall we get started?


How Much Experience Do You Have Wearing Heels?


This might be one of the most important questions you think about when shopping for a new pair of mid heeled platforms.


Is this your first time wearing something with sizable heels? Do you wear pumps, stilettos, and all those sorts of heeled sandals for regular occasions (work, coffee dates, etc.) during the week? If you have more experience wearing heel shoes, you can pass over this particular advice section.


However, if mid heeled platforms aren’t part of your weekly wardrobe, then you had better keep reading! If you aren’t used to wearing heels, it’s best to start small or pick something with a broader base.


Our low, mid heeled platforms are a must-have for beginners, and if they come with wedges or block heels, you’ll be all the better for it!


Is The Venue Outdoors Or Indoors?


If you know that you’re going to be taking your heel shoes outside, then it’s usually best to look for something with a womens heels on the end of it. After all, stilettos may be pretty, but they don’t always have the easiest time in outdoor settings.


We’re sure that you can think of some funny stories (whether it was you, someone that you know, or someone you’ve read about) where skinny low heels have caused a disaster.


If you’ve ever been to the races on a rainy day, you’ve probably seen ladies sinking their stilettos into the mud. We’ve certainly heard horror stories about rolled ankles on rocky pathways and skinny mid heeled heels getting caught between wide gaps on wooden decks.


So, we think that heeled sandals with broader mid heeled platforms are the most practical choice with all that in mind! But, of course, if you’re off to an indoor venue, then you’re more than welcome to wear your tallest and skinniest pairs of womens heels.


Do you have a work function, a friend’s party, or some other event coming up in your calendar? Stilettos are some of our most elegant and glamorous heels, and they’re a natural match with formal attire.


Plus, we know that you’ll love the flattering effect that shoes like these have on your legs, especially if you’re wearing a dress that shows them off!


Do You Know How Long You’ll Be Wearing Your Heels?


If you’re shopping for an event, then another crucial thing to note when selecting your heel shoes is how long you plan on wearing heeled sandals. 


For the record, this is a handy thing to think about whenever you want to pick heeled sandals for a particular event or day out, even ones for your current shoe collection!


Regardless of your comfort and experience wearing heel shoes, some events and parties require more thought when it comes to your footwear.


A regular party might run late, but if you’re attending a birthday celebration for someone’s 18th, 21st, 30th, or another meaningful age, then it’s a safe bet that they’ll run extra long! Not to mention anyone who’s shopping for wedding shoes heels online has to think about this too!


If you’re part of the bridal party, you might get called on to help with preparations before the other guests arrive, which adds more time to what will be a long day anyway. 


Even if you’re a regular guest, you’ll need wide fit heel shoes that can take you from the ceremony to endless group photos to dancing at the reception.


You don’t want to pick shoes that aren’t up to the task! For long events like these, it’s best to play things safe and choose heels that you know can keep you comfortable for hours and hours!


What Season Are You Shopping In?


Admittedly, most of our heel shoes are trans-seasonal (spring summer). That means you’ll be able to take out any pair you like and wear them during any season. Still, we have some favourites for particular seasons here at Wildfire, and we’d love to tell you about them!


If you’re shopping during winter, then you might want to keep an eye out for styles with synthetic leather sandals material.


Our vegan-friendly synthetic leather sandals are effortless to clean, and it’s also water-resistant, which means rain, mud, and all of those things shouldn’t pose an issue for your heeled sandals.


Faux suede is also an excellent winter option since it’s super soft and warm! If you’ve got plans on a cold winter day or night, then a pair of faux suede ankle boots with block heels should be your first pick! During warmer months like spring summer, it’s best to look for styles with less coverage.


Do your feet get hot and sweaty in womens heels that need socks during spring summer? Pick a pair of summer block heels with minimal straps and a backless design!


But remember to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet if you’re going to be out in the sunshine all day!


Did you know that Wildfire keeps winter and summer heel shoes in stock all year round? It’s true! 


While many of our designer brands like designs that are trans-seasonal; really good for the spring summer season, we know that there will always be times when you need something on the warmer or more relaxed side.


And, if you happen to be travelling somewhere with a slightly different climate, then you’ll need heeled sandals that are shoes care and suitable there too! 


As such, finding wide fit block-heeled boots or breezy slide-on heeled sandals in our heels online collection is something you can always do with ease!


Who’s Ready To Have A Look At The Wildfire Collection?


Now that you know what questions to ask yourself the next time you shop for heels online, don’t you think it’s time to have a look at your options? So browse through our heels online store today and see what takes your fancy!