How To Dress For Success In Heels

Who’s ready to dress for success? Are womens heels part of your work wardrobe? While many employers are happy to let their employees walk around the office in flats, platforms are usually the preferred footwear informal settings.


An elegant pair of heeled sandals can make you look put-together, professional, and on top of things (even when you’re not). But, of course, maybe wearing these shoes to work is your personal preference.


Black heels make you stand taller and straighter, which can help you stay shoulder-to-shoulder with your colleagues. If a few extra centimetres of height also do wonders to boost your confidence, then why wouldn’t you add platforms into your rotation of work shoes?


So, let Wildfire guide you to the ultimate work pair!


Think Carefully About Which Type Of Heels Online You Wear To Work!


Before you start adding anything to your shopping cart or even browse through our range of high and low heel, it would be worth checking your work dress code. Not all offices have strict guidelines about the clothes or the footwear that you’re allowed to have on, but you should double-check anyways.


If you’re shopping for designer brands heels now because you have a new job, this is relevant for you! One of the most common restrictions for shoes in an office is that they cannot be with open toes.  


As such, Wildfire has an excellent collection of kitten platform heels, sling-back designs, and pointed-toed pairs that will keep your toes enclosed. But, of course, we are heading into winter, so you should also know that all of our heeled boots will also keep your toes covered.


Of course, if you’re allowed to wear whatever you want, then feel free to try our other heel shoes. Now, let’s talk about the types of platforms that will work best for you! If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, then stilettos won’t be difficult to wear during your nine to five.


But if your job demands constant movement or long hours up on your feet, then block heels are the safest bet! These broad platforms are as glamorous as our stilettos but offer superior comfort, balance, and support during busy days!


Pick Styles That You Know You Can Wear Again And Again!


One pair of work mid heeled shoes should be able to get you through countless days in the office. Right now, we’d like to focus on the styles that will become staples in your wardrobe. Every woman needs an easy go-to option on days when she’s in a hurry or too tired to spend time selecting the ideal heels.


So, would you like to hear about the styles that we have in mind? We’ve already talked a bit about designs and the width of our animal print, which means we won’t rehash that. Instead, we want to talk about colours, textures, and materials you might want to try!


Do you wear bright colours or patterns a lot? If so, you might want to pick toe heels that are easy to pair up with different prints—for example, seen many ladies in leopard spots, snakeskin, and crocodile print over the last season or two since those are the most on-trend.


If those animal-inspired patterns are in your current wardrobe, then we recommend keeping things simple with your strappy heeled shoes. Search for shoes in faux suede or smooth leather-look material and stick to neutral colours. You’re best off with beige, tan, black, and white heels.


Of course, you can follow this same trend in reverse! Do you tend to cycle through the same clothes during your work week?


If your corporate wardrobe is full of basic outfits, then you can liven them up with a fun set of square toe heels! Here at Wildfire, our collection is also full of cute pastel platforms, scaly lizard and crocodile-textured shoes, and shoes with all sorts of decor.


Add one of our trendy court shoe heels to your favourite work outfit, and you’ll feel like a new woman!


Have You Thought About Ordering Some Accessories Too?


If you haven’t had a look at Wildfire’s awe-inspiring range of accessories and shoes care, then you’ve seriously been missing out! Since we offer free shipping for orders over $50, many of our customers add these accessories to orders with colour pop heels don’t have to pay extra for delivery.


Honestly, it’s a pretty appealing method! You’ll get your heels and some cute or practical items, and you won’t need to spend any more to get your order sent home!


Not to mention, our accessories are super fashionable! Hair accessories have been a popular pick for Wildfire customers, especially since many of them match our heeled leather sandals. If you love coordinating your shoes with other aspects of your outfit, then these will be a dream come true for you!


Our colourful scrunches and see-through hair coils are a favourite this season, so be sure to stop and see if any of those will match with the heels or flat shoes you want to buy! Otherwise, we’ve got pearly, metallic, tortoiseshell, and shimmery hair clips for you to try as well.


Wildfire’s gorgeous earrings are much-loved accessories too. There are so many different types that we could talk about all day, but we’ll try to keep things brief! Most of our earrings are large and eye-catching, which means they’ll be a glamorous match with your wedding shoes or work outfit.


Some of our most popular in 2021 include earrings with trendy tassels. So if you’re looking for something that can take your look to the next level, or match with the decor on your bridal shoes, then our earrings are the accessories to search through!


Finally, you might also like to have a look at Wildfire’s stylish clutches. Cute bags are easy add-ons with any order since they’ll be an instant match with most outfits and knot mules. If you’re looking for an everyday style, our black or beige clutches are the best way to go.


But, if you want a clutch that you can pair up with your most elegant knee high boots and formal outfits, then add something with a glittery or metallic sheen to your shopping cart!


Are You Ready To Buy Heels And Foot Care That Can Help You Dress To Impress?


Shop at Wildfire this season, and we’ll get you sorted!