How To Dress Up Women's Flats!

Why are flats a fantastic choice for formal wear? If you've ever worn heels as wedding shoes, then you probably already know the answer to this question. Heels may be gorgeous (especially ones from Wildfire), but not everyone is going to be confident and comfortable wearing them for more than a few hours. 


Womens flat shoes are great dress shoes and much kinder on your feet if you need to wear them to an event that lasts all day and night. Not to mention, pretty womens flat and leather sandals dress up well with formal clothes too! If you're not convinced that flat shoe styles are a viable option yet, then we'll do our best to change your mind.   


Do you want to determine why we think you should trade your block heels, low heels and toe heels for a trendy set of sandals? Keep reading to find out!


Are you looking for casual flats that will fit in at sophisticated events?


To pull this off, you'll need to find black leather, black patent, black flat, white leather, patent leather, tan leather sandals and slides with elegant features. Luckily, Wildfire has you covered. Our platform flats and dazzling decor will ensure that your shoes look fabulous with any outfit. First, swap your wedges and heels for platform flats! 


Our thick-soled sandals can take your look to a whole new level. Many ladies choose heels instead of flats because they want a heel height that will give them a few extra centimetres. Unfortunately, this choice can come at the cost of long-lasting comfort and balance in outdoor terrains, especially if you go out in heels with a skinny point. Platform flats are an excellent substitute for pumps! 


The thick platform soles will raise you up and without compromising your ability to walk, move, or dance easily. You'll find a few slide-on versions in our range this season, as well as ones with buckled ankle straps. Which version of these standout flats can you see yourself wearing? Next, look for flats with metallic decor or a bit of sparkle! 


Are you worried that your flats won't look right in a formal setting? You don't need to be nervous about pairing up sandals or slides with a dressy outfit, but there are ways to make them match your surroundings better. We recommend selecting a pair of flats with diamantes or metallic decorations. 


A bit of shine or sparkle on your shoes can add that much-needed touch of glamour. Your flats will be ready to compete with heels and pumps in no time! Some of our favourite options this season are slides with oversized buckle features, glossy metallic material, or diamantes covering the straps.


Pick flats with a trendy texture in 2021!


Liven up your look with a cute animal print or texture! Do you remember how last year, snakeskin and leopard spots were the go-to prints? Well, patterns inspired by the animal kingdom are still going strong in 2021, and we've got new contenders for the top favourites! 


Right now, customers are clamouring for our crocodile and lizard-themed flats. Quick disclaimer— of course, none of these are flats are getting made from the actual animals. Our sandals and slides are ethically sourced vegan styles. So, you can enjoy the scaly look and feel of our crocodile flats without a shred of guilt!


These fun styles are a little more subtle than colourful leopard print or snakeskin, but they will help add the wow factor to your outfits. Otherwise, get your flats in linen material this season! Are you tired of always wearing shoes with faux leather finishes? 


Linen is becoming a must-have fabric in 2021, and we've got plenty for you to look at in the Wildfire collection. This fun fabric is softer than leather-look material and more resilient than faux suede. Ladies who love flats that stand out should consider looking at a cute slide with an oversized linen bow on the top band. Do you have a soft spot for big crossover straps?


 You'll find a linen version of those much-loved flats in the Wildfire range too. If you're even a little bit tempted to take a look at our linen women's shoes, then we can't recommend them enough!


Do you want to know how to coordinate your outfit with flats?


When it comes to regular sandals, the best thing to do is pick a colourful outfit or something with a pretty print! Are you trying to make your everyday flats look more glamorous? 


The beauty of our versatile women's shoes is that you'll be able to pair them up with any ensemble without making them clash. Pick flats in a basic shade (natural, black, or white), and you won't have any trouble wearing them with a dressy outfit. Plus, your cute jumpsuit, dress, or two-piece look will lift the aesthetic of your sandals too!


We've also got flats styled as ankle boots, almost flat-heeled boots, lace up boots, leather boots that fit this line-up, too. So you see, with such a wide array, you'll be sure to find what your heart desires!


This season keep your eyes out for pretty pastel shades, vibrant prints, and other trends from the fashion runways in 2021.


We know you'll have so much fun coming up with ways to combine your current wardrobe with a new set of ballet flat shoes! With more eye-catching flats, you should aim to find accessories that you can match with your shoes! One easy way to dress up your leather flat is to style them with the rest of your outfit. 


Even casual sandals will get an instant style boost if you wear a skirt or have a bag that's the same colour or texture. If you take our advice and get glittering metallic or diamante-covered flats, then try to find jewellery with the same decor. If you're interested in getting a pair in a texture (linen, crocodile, etc.), then see if you can find a clutch or jacket that you can coordinate with that aesthetic. Follow this straightforward tip, and your ensemble will look more put-together and fashionable at once.


Who's ready to get a closer look at our fabulous flats?


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