How To Figure Out Heel Sizes

Do you need help figure out which size your heels should be? Let Wildfire take the lead on this one! We’ve got some handy tips and tricks for you today, so take note! We’ll help you find heels that suit you the best soon enough! 


Use Wildfire’s handy size guide! 

Do you need help figure out which size to get when you buy heels from Wildfire? We’ll help you find the ideal fit in no time. You can use our handy size chart to compare different measurements for heels and narrow down your options with ease. As long as you know what your shoe size is in one of these four measurements, you’ll be able to figure out your equivalent in the other three! It’s never been easier to find heels that fit, thanks to this straightforward size converter. From left to right, the chart has Wildfire, UK, US, and EU measurements. Find the size you usually get for heels in one of the columns, and the other sizes sitting on the same horizontal line are your ideal fit! 


Narrow down your search for heels faster! 

Shopping online at Wildfire is so convenient if you once you know your size! You can head straight to our main heels category, select your size in the filter on the left-hand side, and our website will refine your results. Then, you’ll only have to look at shoes that you know come in your size! The majority of our heels have a range running from a size 5 or 6 to a size 10 or 11. So, we can cater to women at either end of the spectrum! 


What about picking the height of the actual heels? 

Do you find it tricky to decide how low or short you should go with your platforms? There’s a delicate balance between finding heels that match your outfit the best and selecting shoes that you’ll be comfortable to wear for your entire event. Wildfire is here with some handy tips to help narrow down your choices and to speed up the selection process, so don’t get stressed about making a decision! Read this next section carefully, and we’ll help you figure out which size your ideal heels should be in no time! 


Do you consider yourself an expert in wearing platforms or a rookie? 

If you’re the type of person who wears heels to work every week or off to parties semi-regularly, then a mid-high or taller pair won’t be a problem. On the contrary, anyone who only has platforms on their feet once or twice a year (by choice) will need to be a bit more selective about their chosen style and keep to sizes that are low, mid-high, or have a thick base. Short heels and block-based designs put the least amount of strain and pressure on your legs and ankles, so they’re the best pick for people who aren’t familiar with the sensation. After all, you don’t want to try and acclimatize to your pair when your focus should be having fun! 


Consider the setting where you’ll be wearing your heels! 

Since outdoor venues can be tricky for thin styles like pumps and stilettos, save those skinny shoes for indoor settings! You’ll have a much easier time walking over the lawn without sinking if you’re wearing wedges or wide block heels. Similarly, loose or uneven surfaces like sand, stones, and scrubland will be easier to navigate in a more supportive platform than a stiletto. So, when you’re selecting the style of your heels, carefully consider the type of places you’ll be able to wear them and the sorts of events you have coming up in the future!