How to Keep Your Heels in Perfect Condition

Have you ever opened your shoe closet, excited about getting your favourite heels, which would complement your outfit, only to find out they’re dirty?


You suddenly get a flashback of that date you went on and spilt wine on your shoes. Now, you must change into something different because your outfit won’t work without your favourite shoes.


Never experience this again. You’ve learned your lesson and will now take the time to ensure you keep your heels in perfect condition before storing them. Do you know the things you need to do to achieve this?


We’re calling in our team from Wildfire, as they have dealt with this emergency countless times. Wildfire staff witnessed several customers hurrying in to buy heels as they also went through what you’re experiencing now. 


So, if you never want to feel the frustration again, heed our tips. But then, please read on to learn more about keeping your heels in perfect condition.


1. Use protection upon unboxing


Caring for your heels starts even before you wear them. Add a layer that shields your shoes from water and stains. Use a water and stain protection spray from Wildfire, which prevents fluids and dirt from seeping through the material of your heels. 


It will give you enough time until you can wipe them off. It’s best to reapply the spray weekly to ensure robust protection.


2. Clean them properly


Wipe your heels every time you take them off your feet at home. Whether there’s visible dirt or tiny ones, you mustn’t let them settle and dry, ruining the material. 


Give your heels a thorough wiping, ensuring you reach all the crevices and corners. Next, knock the shoes together so loose dirt will fall—it's best to do this outside the house—and clean caked mud with a cloth dampened in warm water.


3. Dry completely


Never store your heels when wet because moisture can cause fungal or bacterial buildup; worse, your shoes will have a foul smell. When drying your heels, do it naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun or heaters. Exposure to these sources can dry the material and cause cracks. 


If it’s taking too long for the shoes to dry, use newspapers to hasten the process. Place the scrunched-up newspaper inside the heels and utilise its moisture-absorption capability. Replace it every few hours if you want the process to go even faster.


4. Allocate storage


Leaving your heels around can attract floating dust, ruining the material. The best way to ensure they stay clean is to place them in designated storage. 


Use a shoe closet or rack for your heels if there’s enough room. However, use shoe bags to hang behind the door if there’s not enough floor space. Choose storage that fits the budget and the space in the house.


5. Alternate the use


Like humans, your heels (and feet) need to rest from constant use. So, when you don’t need the added height, bring your Wildfire flats out of the wardrobe. 


Doing this is good for the heels and your body, which goes through some changes when you’re wearing high-heeled shoes. The added height can harm the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. Letting your shoes rest is good for their longevity and your health.


6. Leave them smelling good


Leaving lasting impressions is essential. People can judge your outfit and how you care for yourself. 


Imagine the horror when your heels smell awful, and it wafts through the entire room. Do you want people to remember you as the person wearing foul odour shoes?


You can find various household items to help you address or prevent the foul odour. For example, take your handy baking soda and sprinkle some on your heels. Then, leave it overnight inside the footwear to absorb the smell and dirt. 


Knock the shoes together the following day so the remaining baking soda will fall off. Then, wipe the inside to remove the ones left behind.


But since only some people like baking soda directly inside their heels, you can create coffee packets as an alternative. Use string, cloth, and coffee to make the packs inside the shoes. Then, you can leave them there until the next time you need to use the shoes. 


Some prefer adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to the packets before placing them inside. Not only will it absorb the foul smell, but it will also leave a pleasant scent behind.


7. Walk with finesse


Your heels will be with you longer if you take extra care when using them. Also, the way you walk can have an impact. 


Stomping around and putting your foot down at once can put so much pressure on the shoes and destroy them. The proper way to do it is by putting one foot in front of the other in a heel-to-toe motion.


And since not everyone can walk in heels confidently, allow our team from Wildfire to share some pointers:


  • Constant practice is essential. Set aside 30 minutes daily to wear and walk your heels around the house, preferably on different surfaces. Then, increase the duration of wearing them daily until you develop muscle memory and start walking like a pro!

  • Heels need some breaking in, so here are some tricks for a pain-free experience. Wear thick socks when you practise around the house, so the shoes will expand and mould to the shape of your feet.

  • Think of it as riding a bike since both need balance. Never look down while you do; only look straight ahead to your destination.


8. Check regularly


Make it a point to check on your heels regularly, even when not in use. Constant use will expose your shoes to wear and tear. Checking them will allow you to discover and repair damages before it’s too late. After all, how can you put your best foot forward with damaged footwear?


Ensure Your Heels Are in Tip-Top Form!


Heed our tips to ensure your heels will stay in perfect condition. If your favourite pair of women's heels come to the end of its life, you can always head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop online for a replacement! Shopping online has many benefits, as most women know!


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