How to Look Chic with Flats and Jeans

Women’s flat shoes are the go-to shoe for all of your casual occasions. They are an easy style of shoe to throw on when you are in a rush or cannot figure out the right womens sneakers or shoes to pair with your outfit.


Everyone knows that flat sandals are more of a casual shoe style, so they are rarely styled with a classier look. But girl, we are here to change that up! Being able to wear ballet flat with a cute pair of jeans and ensure it channels all vibes of chic and sophistication is a must for every girl.


It may seem unattainable, but trust us, we know exactly how to make it work. Looking chic in a pair of flats and cute jeans will be super easy to do. However, if you get stuck, you will have guidance from the Wildfire team, where we have gathered a selection of styles of womens flats that channel this look.


Scroll down below to uncover what styles will make your flats and low heeled shoes go from casual to chic in the blink of an eye. You will have all heads turning with these flats online, babe!


Style 1 – Platform Flats!


Platform flats are the best style of shoe to wear with a gorgeous pair of jeans. This combination screams all levels of chic, and we truly cannot get enough of it. Different styles of jeans are also making their way back onto the fashion scene, so choosing the right pair of flats for you will all depend on the jeans.


If you are rocking the flared-bottom jeans, then womens flats will pair perfectly with them. This is because the platform base offers an extra layer of heel height, which means they will see much more clearly when walking around. So heeled boots, mid heel and platform flats are great for when you are looking for a height boost whilst wearing your jeans.


The platform is super comfortable and supportive without putting strain on your feet like a pair of toe heels would. Of course, these womens flats can also suit the skinny jeans style if that is more your thing. But, no matter the type of jeans, these platform flats will ensure you look fashionable and chic all day long.


Style 2 – Pointed-toe Flats!


Say hello to the irresistible pair of pointed-toe womens flats. These shoes are the ultimate go-to when searching for some super cute and effortlessly chic womens shoe. This style of shoe is a must-have in every womens shoe wardrobe, thanks to its easy-to-wear fit.


This allows you to dress this pair of womens sandals in a casual or dressy look, no matter what the occasion is. In addition, Pointed-toe flats are on the classier side of things so that you can wear these womens flats straight from the office to cocktails with ease.


If you have a dinner date planned for the weekend ahead and are unsure what shoes to wear, or thinking to buy womens flats online, then a pair of pointed-toe flats will be perfect. These pointed-toe flats are great to wear when you have nothing else on in your shoe collection.


When styled with a pair of jeans, these shoes can elevate your look and take you to that next level. If you are the type of person who enjoys wearing low shoes that provide maximum comfort, then the pointed-toe casual flats will be your best choice.


Not only do these shoes provide you with a comfortable base, but they also offer optimal levels of chic and sophistication. They are pointed-toe heels but without the heel!


Style 3 – Jewelled flats!


It is time to spice up your online exclusives shoe collection, sis! So get your hands on a pair of jewelled flats and watch how quickly the compliments roll in. Jewelled flats are one of the hottest trends, especially with bridal shoes right now as they are making a change in the fashion world.


Whether it is a work outfit or a date night look, the jewelled flats will take you through the entire day with chic and sophistication. Some of the black flat styles we are obsessed with at the moment are all must-haves in your next shopping spree.


The jewelled shoes that look gorgeous with a pair of high-waisted jeans are the ones that feature some chained detailing. These square toe flats are hot property, and when paired with some super cute, high-waisted jeans, you become the hot property, girl!


Style 4 – Self-tie Strappy Flats!


We are obsessed with self-tie strappy flats! These womens flats are gorgeous and give off all levels of chic when styled with a cute pair of jeans. Strappy shoes are a unique twist on the classic design of flats, which makes these shoes stand out from the rest.


If you love to make a fashion statement with style and comfort, pair these shoes with skinny jeans that cut off around the ankles. This look will ensure your strappy, self-tie shoes can be the star of the show. Self-tie strappy womens flats are what every girl will envy during the warmer months of the year.


In the seasons of warm weather overload, every girl and their legs will be on display (perfect for sun-smart tanning, am I, right, ladies!?). But, when you are not tanning, you need the best pair of dress flats to take you from day tonight.


Add on some layers with a pair of baggy mum jeans and some self-tie flats. This look will have you feeling chic and sophisticated throughout the night.


Style 5 – Thong-like Flats!


Gone are the days of wearing tacky flip-flops and hello to their new and improved version - the thong-like flats! These shoes offer the same design as the regular thongs but now feature more stylish and chic vibes. These thongs have improved via their new colours and designs, which replicate the stylish block heels and footbed sandals.


Block heels are a style of shoe that girls are in love with at the moment, but if you are not a heel type of girl, then these womens flats online will be your new favourite. Pair these animal print shoes with a set of baggy jeans or denim ¾ jeans and watch all heads turn. This look will be complete when styled with a cute crop, so your warm-weather fits will be ready to wear asap!      


Flats Have Got Us Feeling Some Type Of Way!


If we have tempted you into getting your hands on a new pair of leather sandals, then girl, thank us later! These shoes will be your new go-to for any style that you decide to pair together. So choose your favourite jeans and flats wisely so you can channel all of the chic vibes. You’ve got this, girl!