How to Maintain Your Favourite Pair of Heels

For any woman, a pair of heels is her baby. They witness your most unforgettable memories, good and bad. Remember when you wore them during your best friend's wedding while toasting the newlyweds? Or that bright yellow pair that hit your partner's head when you slipped into the bar you met? 


Wildfire Shoes has various women's heels to choose from, like block heels, mid heels, square toe heels, open toe heels, platform heels, stiletto heels, court heels, kitten heels, and heel mules.


All these women's heels are categorized into high heels and low heels. All these women's heels are the perfect pair for formal attire. Choose your women's heels depending on the occasion, special occasion, or any event you want. High heels like block heels and stiletto heels are an excellent choice for every woman.


Most likely, the first thing you will recall about any event is the shoes you wore then. In short, your heels were present during your ups and downs, so they deserve the love they gave in return. Shower your baby with the attention and nourishment it needs to thrive. 


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You do not want your fabulous Wildfire pair to lose their lustre. While our heels are durable and stylish, constant use will cause them to wear out. And as a responsible owner, you must ensure it retains its original beauty. 


In Australia, during the warmer months, all shops are always on sale! Older people find platform shoes significantly easier to wear and best for any dress. 


Here are some tips to help you care for your pretty heels: 

  1. Always Check Them Before You Kick Them Off 


We know that at the end of the day, there is nothing you'd love more than to kick off your heels, put your feet up, and rest. But, you wouldn't want to discover a broken sole when you're in the middle of your next event. So please spend a few minutes scanning your heels and the bottom of your soles for any damage before keeping them. 


Like what you do with your clothes at the end of each season, examine all your heels to identify which of your favourite pairs need repair before storing them; if you discover some nicks and scuffs, do not throw them away and give them up quickly. 


If the damage is not severe, you can buy shoe repair materials and do it yourself. You may also take your heels to a shoe cobbler or someone who fixes and repairs them. When everything's spick and span, now is the time you can keep them. 


We know it can be tiring, but it gives you peace of mind that your heels will be good as new when you take them out of your closet. 


2.  Show Some Loving with Constant Cleaning  


For leather heels, it would be good to polish them with a soft cloth every once in a while. Now and then, polish your leather heels with a soft cloth. As much as we try our best to protect our suede, we can't protect them forever. 


You can use erasers to remove stains and hardened grime from the surface. Rain is bad for your heels, particularly since water and dirt can cause significant harm. Because it's best to check on them before keeping them, the first tip is also relevant. 


Wipe them all down if they have acquired any dirt. 


3. Walk Like a Runway Model 


How you walk while wearing your heels can impact you and your shoes. Stomping and dragging will hurt and affect your posture, while heavy thuds have the potential to break or destroy stilettos. 


Instead of stomping, walk lightly and imagine yourself taking a stroll in your heels. It could benefit you and your shoes if you buy a second Wildfire pair, possibly opting for low heels or flats. Your team, much like your feet, deserves to rest also. 


Permit them to take a day off so they can relax and catch their breath before you wear them again.  


4. Keep Them Sanitary 


Letting dirt and grime stay and live on your heels is the fastest way to ruin them. If you don't let spilt milk or food stay on your baby, you should treat your footwear the same way. You wouldn't want an unpleasant smell wafting from your heels the next time you use them. 


To keep them hygienic, wipe off the dust before it gathers. Use cleaning sprays made especially for the material of your heels. Additionally, you can choose from several stain removal techniques that will not destroy your footwear's make or colour.  


5.  Consider Using Stoppers 


They say prevention is better than cure, so you might want to use stoppers that prevent damage to the tips of your heels. Covering them with a protective plastic cap would prevent them from digging into the ground, scraping against pebbles or pavement cracks. 


In addition, Wildfire offers heel stoppers that will keep you safe during garden parties, weddings, a day at the races, or a gathering on the back deck. 


6.  Practice Correct Shoe Removal 


Remove your heels as delicately and carefully as you did when you put them on earlier. Do not kick off your shoes with your other foot to avoid crushing their protective gear. Instead, gently use your hands to pry them off. Alternatively, use a shoehorn to slide off snug-fitting shoes easily.  


7.  Avoid Driving in High Heels 


There is a possibility that you might break them while driving, so we suggest that you stick to flat shoes, sandals, or low heels when doing so. You do not want to break your favourite pair of heels while accelerating or applying the brakes, do you? 


You may want to check out Wildfire's vast collection of shoes so you can choose an alternative. 


8. Store Your Babies Properly  


You should store your heels with the same love and gentleness you would tuck your baby into bed. Keep your shoes fresh and prevent humidity from causing them to smell bad by placing charcoal sachets inside.  


If your budget permits, why not invest in a shoe closet, which is cool and dry, that will protect your heels from harmful environments? However, if you do not have enough space for a closet, use shoe racks or hang a shoe bag with lots of pockets from the back of a door.  


Learn to Let Go 


Here at Wildfire Shoes, you will find that our women's heels are perfect for you to invest in. It gives you the confidence to walk for a long time and is used for parties till late at night. So, what are you waiting for? Shop online and pick the best collection of styles and shapes.


While the tips we shared can help you prolong the life of your beloved heels, the time will come when you need to let them go. When this day comes, look at it as an opportunity to head to Wildfire's online shop or the stockist nearest you to get your perfect replacement.


Our affordable prices will give you room to toss in fashion accessories that match your new babies. Check them all out! Please continue shopping with us, and enjoy shopping!