How To Make Block Heels Work For You!

Are you looking for some fresh styling tips for your block heels?

You've come to the right place! We have a three-part list to help inspire your next shopping trip. Finding block heels that you love shouldn't be difficult, and we're here to get you thinking!

1) Adhere to the fashion rules

Dressing up block heels is not always straightforward; guidelines exist that concern specific kinds. If you want your shoes to work well in an outfit, then the rules must be respected.

First, we have an all-encompassing tip; don't wear clothing that will make your block heels feel clunky. While they are as beautiful and glamorous as stilettos, our thicker styles do have a more substantial platform. Pumps and other skinny styles pair up with flowing and flimsy fabrics naturally, but the wrong block heel can feel awkward. Take care to maintain balance when you select your next set, or plan ahead and try the outfit on with it before you make your decision. Otherwise, get block heels in a light colour.

The second tip relates to block heels with self-tie straps, such as our espadrille wedges and platforms. You can decide how far or low up your leg that you tie your block heels off, but make sure they remain uncovered. Wearing clothing that conceals the highlight feature of your footwear is never a good idea!

2)Create your unique comfort experience

Block heels from Wildfire are supremely comfortable and bring long-lasting wear. Because of their supportive shape and ability to distribute body weight evenly through the legs, even the highest of our shoes can keep you cosy for hours on end.

Still, not every woman will want to go from dawn until dusk in the tallest of our designs. Only you will know what heights suit you the best, so the only way we can help is by giving you a vast selection to browse. Towering block heels will never be your only option when you shop at Wildfire. Our structured sandals and slide-on mules provide stylish options for women who desire a slight incline. With all these (and more) to choose from, Wildfire provides block heels that fit your standards.

3) Pick materials, colours and décor that appeal to you!

Are you a tactile shopper? Is the feel of a fabric or a material as important to you as the look of your block heels? If the answer is yes, then Wildfire is the perfect spot for you to shop. The majority of our styles come in two or more different finishes. If you want to try a much-loved pair of synthetic block heels in a faux suede version, there's an excellent chance that we have one. And, if you spot a cool couple of block heels but hate the material that they are in, you might discover the same one with a different surface.

Likewise, you have the same freedom when it comes to choosing the colours and decorations on your block heels. Some of our popular shades include natural and black, trendy lilac, and bold fuschia! Metallic and sparkly décor could also lift the overall elegance of your block heels. Our designs can charm anyone, but it's this variety that makes our styles stand out!

4) Finally, pay how you like!

At Wildfire, you can get block heels when you need them and pay when you like using Zip and AfterPay! We can send out your shoes using express or standard shipping services, so you will receive them ASAP.

Don't wait!

Unleash your wild side with a new pair of block heels!