How To Make Heels More Comfortable!


Do you find spending a night in heels to be a challenging, if not impossible, task? You aren’t alone in your struggles. Not many of us can spend an entire day or night in these sorts of shoes without getting sore feet during the event or afterwards. Wildfire makes heels with long-lasting comfort in mind from the get-go, and we’re determined to offer our customers the most enduring ease of wear. Are you tired of pain-inducing stilettos and all your regrets about wearing platforms? Well, we’re going to put a stop to it right here and now! First, we’ll discuss styles, settings, and the heels that could suit you best. Then, we’ll talk you through all of our foot care accessories and add-ons that can maintain your comfort for longer. Here are the basics:


Short or wide heels are best for long events 


Do you ever wonder what causes your feet and ankles so much discomfort when you wear these styles? It’s the level of incline that causes you grief. By making your feet balance on an angle, heels cause your leg muscles to tense, creating a flattering figure. And, the longer you spend with your feet and legs tensed in that position, the more likely you are to start experiencing aches and pains. So, if you have a wedding, party, or other long-lasting event and want to wear heels, then the best way to make the distance is to choose heels with better support.


Short styles (like kitten heels) have a smaller incline, which means walking and moving in them is naturally more comfortable, and causes less pressure to build up in your legs. The same holds for our broad designs and block-based platforms, which reduce tension because of their increased surface area. 


So, which short and wide heels can we recommend for you?


Kitten heels are a favourite in our collection, thanks to their gorgeous vintage-look sling-back straps. Shoes like these are a well-made match with formal and corporate wear, so feel free to take these out to sophisticated settings.


Our mid-high block heels are fun, minimal, and dress up or down. We think that these will make a lovely match with everything from denim skirts to printed jumpsuits. We’d advise the white version for a wedding, the black variation for dinners, the beige ones for parties, and animal print heels for whenever!


Stay cosy with fabric and gel innersoles 


At Wildfire, our range of foot care accessories is committed to providing customers with the best all-round fit. These are a must-have for ladies who want extra support and cushioning for their feet when they wear high heels. Our innersoles come in full-length or half-length styles, and you can always cut them down to size if necessary. Not only will these inserts help absorb shock and alleviate pressure on your ankles and calves, but they also support your feet effectively. If you’re at all concerned about your endurance wearing heels and want to safeguard your comfort, then we must recommend innersoles for you!


Do you feel awkward about people seeing? 


If you’re worried about people being able to see your foot care accessories under your heels, don’t! Our half innersoles are incredibly subtle and hard to spot unless you know to look for them. Even our thickest gel cushions will be mostly-concealed by your feet, so there’s no reason to stress. Besides, if they help you stay in your heels for longer, then why be embarrassed at all?


Take a step in the right direction with Wildfire!


Browse our collection of styles and our cosy foot care accessories. Support and comfort are what you deserve from your heels, and we’re going to see that you get them!