How to Perfect Your Catwalk Strut in Heels

Wearing a pair of new womens heels is always a fun experience. Then, finally, you get the chance to strut your stuff and flaunt your latest look. However, one thing that every girl knows (and dreads) is the fact that walking in heel shoes takes a lot of practice and effort.


It is super hard to perfect your strut in womens heels, and we all know the struggle of doing it the right way.  


But, most of the time, we are left feeling sore and tired from a day or night walking around in our latest heeled sandals like platform heeled, block heels, wedge heels, peep toe heels, and pump heels. So, this is where we come in to help you out, girl!


We have gathered a list of tips that can help you perfect your strut when wearing heel shoes. Any advice is sure to help us gals out in these tough situations, right!? Well, we think these tips can guide you in the right direction to perfecting your strut in heeled sandals. So take a read below and learn how to ace that walk, babe!


Tip 1 – Confidence


The first tip we can offer you on perfecting your catwalk strut in heel shoes is to make sure you are bursting with confidence. One thing people admire is someone’s confidence and, it can make you feel like you are on top of the world.


Confidence can replicate the feelings of invincibility, which means that when you are showing off your strut in heeled sandals, there will be nothing that can hold you back or knock you down. Confidence is best achieved by styling a gorgeous outfit with your new pair of heel shoes like platform heeled, block heeled shoes, wedge heels, peep toe heels, and pump heels.


If you know you look hot, this attitude will reflect on your personality throughout the day or night. Maintaining a confident vibe will ensure that your strut in womens heels looks flawless, even if you trip up or miss a step.


Confidence is the cure to embarrassment and shyness, perfect for taking your catwalk strut in heeled sandals to the next level.


Tip 2 – Posture


Another tip to consider when trying to perfect your catwalk is to always check in on your posture. Your posture is one of the main things to keep an eye on when focusing on your catwalk.


Maintaining good posture can mean different things to different people, based on the fact that everyone’s body is unique. No matter your body type, maintaining good posture is a must-have when walking in heel shoes.


The best thing to try and achieve is to keep your chin up when walking in womens heels like platform heeled, block heeled heels, wedge heels, peep toe heels, and pump heels. This tip will ensure your back stays straight and your head does not stoop down.


Walking around with bad posture can impact the way you walk in a pair of heel shoes and can become difficult to walk elegantly throughout the day. Therefore, posture is necessary to keep in mind when practising how to walk in heeled sandals.


Tip 3 – One Foot In Front


Who would have thought that there was a correct way to move your feet when trying to perfect your catwalk in heeled sandals? We certainly did not, but we have learnt the best tips on how to make it work. The best way to move your feet during a catwalk is by placing one foot in front of the other.


We are sure you have seen this on the runway more times than not. So, take some inspiration from the babes on the runway. Try to walk with one foot in front of the other. This tip will help with your balance when you walk in womens heels and add that extra touch of class to your strut.


If this method does not seem to work for you, try to walk from ball to heel. This may feel weird at first, but it will become so much easier once you get the hang of it.


Tip 4 – Take Small Steps And Relax Your Limbs


The best piece of advice we can offer you is to slow your walk down and make sure you do not rush. This issue can lead to more accidents and injuries rather than a perfect catwalk in heeled sandals.


Without rushing, it is also a good idea to take small steps during your strut and ensure all of your limbs are relaxed.


Tension in your body can affect your strut in heeled sandals and make it difficult to walk correctly. Channel your inner Zen and watch how your unique strut in heels like mid heel and low heel will come naturally.


Tip 5 – Make Sure The Shoes Fit


A necessary feature of your strut in womens heels is to make sure that the shoes fit. Trying to attempt your catwalk with shoe sizes like an oversized shoe will not work in your favour, so try wide fit block heels. Big shoes make it easier for them to slip off your feet, and no girl likes losing a shoe!


Owning a pair of heel shoes that fit your feet perfectly will also help with your strut, as any alterations will not be needed. This tip includes fixing the fit of your shoe mid-walk or needing to stop mid-walk to re-do the straps.


 In addition, wearing a pair of designer brands heels in your perfect shoe sizes from fit to wide fit will ensure your strut is perfected sooner rather than later.


Tip 6 – Accessories


When wearing a new pair of heel shoes, the best thing you can do for yourself is investing in some foot care accessories. Not only are jewellery, bags, and headwear the ultimate look of foot care accessories to pair with your new designer brands heels, but some foot care accessories are also a must.


These can come in the form of gel cushions and heel stoppers. These are two of the most helpful accessories when it comes to walking in womens heels. The gel cushions can add an extra layer of comfort between the ground and the sole of your foot.


Additionally, heel stoppers can prevent your stiletto heels pump from slipping through the soft grass or tripping you over. Finally, heel stoppers can give you some extra foot care protection when it comes to finding the perfect balance on your shoes.


Skinny heels are not easy to walk in, especially when you trying to ace your catwalk strut. Heel stoppers will make this process ten times easier. Woohoo!  


Ready To Strut Your Stuff In A New Pair Of Heels?


Do you feel like you have obtained enough knowledge on perfect the strut? Then, now is your time to shine so you can show off your new and improved strut in womens heels. We know all eyes will be on you, bestie!