How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Work Heels

Work can sometimes take up most of our time and sanity. We get a workload that keeps us busy on our feet, and we need to ensure nothing distracts us from the goal, including shoes. We bet you’ve been in a similar situation when you could not think straight because your heels were bothering you.


Finding the right work heels requires features that ensure you can do your tasks comfortably. Your shoes should support you while you sit, stand, walk, and rush to meetings. Your next favourite pair of heels should keep you stable since you will be moving around a lot, and we don’t want you slipping and falling flat on your face.


Not all heels are the same. Some styles may be appropriate for your priorities and requirements, while others are not. In the same way, you might feel comfortable in heels that others find painful. For instance, you find it easier to go around when you’re closer to the ground than others who prefer taller shoes.


At Wildfire, we aim to simplify work shoe shopping with these essential tips to put your best foot forward! Let's start!


1. Look for the perfect fit


As with any footwear, you need a shoe size that fits you right. There shouldn’t be parts of the shoe that rub your foot and irritate you. The constant rubbing can be painful and cause blisters that distract you from performing at your best. To ensure that your heels fit right, take measurements or shop for footwear in the afternoon when your feet are at their maximum size. 


Movement causes your feet to swell by the end of the day, so getting your measurements to account for the growth is timely. Because shoe brands tend to have different sizing, it’s best to find your exact Wildfire size. Measure the length and width of each foot separately, then check the availability of the heels.


Knowing your US, UK, or EU (cm) size makes converting to the Wildfire size easier with help from the handy size guide.


2. Choose roomy toe boxes


To stay comfortable all day, you need heels with a roomy toe box, like those with round or square toes. Please remember that the added height will put your feet on an incline, and your feet tend to fall forward. If the toe box is tight, you’ll have problems.


So, the best way to ensure this is to find options that won’t squeeze your toes. Choose heels that allow your toes to spread naturally, which is good for your balance and stability. If your workplace is lenient and allows open toes, that would give more room for your feet.


3. Add cushions and grips


Some heels come with built-in cushions, which are excellent at absorbing impact and pressure. Wearing heeled shoes means the balls of your feet bear more weight than usual, and they need help relieving some of the strain. 


Suppose you find shoes with ones, excellent! However, you can buy inserts to augment the gap if there are none. Wildfire has gel cushions, innersoles, and heel grips that help make work heels more comfortable.


4. Consider heel height


As mentioned, some women prefer shoes with a slight elevation because they keep them closer to the ground and are more comfortable. Wildfire’s collection of low heels stands at 2.5–5.5 cm, which is tolerable and won’t keep you from staying on your feet for extended hours.


Meanwhile, some ladies prefer height because it boosts their confidence and allows them to look people in the eye. High heels stand at more than 7.5cm, altering your balance and affecting your posture. Suppose you’re used to this. Good for you. You can choose block heels for better weight distribution.


Gone are the days when stilettos made work life for ladies difficult. These thin, narrow heels put so much pressure on the balls of your feet as you try so hard to keep your balance that you end up massaging your feet and putting them up constantly to get the blood flowing.


With block heels, you get the height you want without the discomfort that usually comes with it. You gain stability and ease of wear, allowing you to focus on your work and look good.


5. Pick appropriate colours


Workplaces can be conservative or lenient, so choose which colours suit yours. The Wildfire heels collection is available in black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. Black is the safest choice because workplaces approve of black heels.


This colour exudes a polished and professional vibe. These heels go well with business attire, especially if you’re attending work functions like conferences, networking, and training. The best part about this colour is its versatility. 


You can match black shoes with all the shades in your closet, allowing you to use the shoes for a special occasion or two on your calendar. More importantly, black is timeless and will stay relevant through the years.


6. Find durable materials


You need heels that won’t give up on you when you need them most. Imagine the horror of rushing to your meeting when your shoes suddenly break. While some people would laugh it off, it can affect your confidence, especially if you’re the one presenting.


Heels use various materials, but most of the collection at Wildfire uses vegan-friendly ones. Synthetic materials are durable and can withstand the elements. More importantly, these shoes do not use animals in production. Aside from being cruelty-free, vegan-friendly shoes are also good for the environment because they leave a minimal carbon footprint.


7. Seek affordable, quality footwear


It’s time to squash the notion that the best heels are expensive. More affordable options boost your style, confidence, and performance without hurting your wallet. With our extensive selection of heels, which range from mid-heels to high-heels and include stiletto heels, open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, court heels, and platform heels, you can look your best in every situation.


We offer many heel heights and styles, including flats, kitten heels, heel mules, platform shoes, and pumps, to fit the feet of a wide range of customers. At Wildfire, you gain access to quality work shoes within your budget. The brand’s flexible payment systems allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. What more can you ask for?


Wildfire Has the Best Work Heels!


Wildfire offers a wide range of women's heels that complement any outfit, especially a unique dress during the warmer months. They are also an excellent choice to go with formal attire. These versatile heels are suitable for any occasion, from a day at the office to a fun night out with friends.


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