How to Pull Off Heels in Winter

Wearing a pair of super cute heeled boots or pumps is all fun and games until it’s five in the morning and you can barely move your feet. Every girl has been there, done that. But no more!


We have gathered our best tips and tricks on how to pull off winter heels during the coldest months of the year. But, of course, wearing a pair of pumps during summer is much easier to do, so we have created a range of our best tips on wearing toe heels in winter without worrying.


If you are worried about frostbite on your toes or being too cute wedding shoes to walk to the next club, then get ready for our hottest tips and tricks. These will save you and your feet during the cold, so take a scroll below and have your mind blown, sis!


Tip 1 – Try To Wear Closed-toe!


Our number one tip for wearing winter wedge sandals is wearing shoes with a closed toe. This can come in the form of stilettos or low block pumps. No matter the style, finding a pair with a black leather closed toe will be your lifesaver during the cold months.


Closed-toe winter heels can ensure that all of the pesky wet weather stays out of your combat boots all night long. If you are worried about your closed-toe kicks looking a little out of the ordinary, try not to overthink it, girl!


These winter block heels are super fashionable and are always up to date with the latest fashion trends. In addition, wearing closed-toe winter heels can help keep the cold chill away from your toes, so you can last longer on your feet and spend less time feeling sore from the wintery weather.


Closed-toe womens shoe also pair perfectly well with a range of outfits, so you will not have to worry about trying to match the shoes to your dress. Instead, these fashion brands winter heels will elevate your look, giving your outfit a boost you did not know it was missing.


Closed-toe winter heels are a must-have in every girl’s shoe collection, so you can flaunt your latest look with comfort and ease!


Tip 2 – Boots Will Become Your Best Friend!


If you find yourself constantly shivering on a night out, then you might have some more luck if you wear boots. Boots are the ultimate leather boots heels and will be your go-to shoe for just about everything.


Ankle boots offer a chic and sophisticated look when paired with an oversized coat, mini dress, and gorgeous jewellery. Match your knee high boots with your handbag, and you will be slaying all night long. lace up boots are the perfect style of winter heels as they offer the most protection against your feet and plenty of coverage.


This process will ensure you do not feel the cold at all so you can dance the night away with ease. The protection that heel ankle boots offer can be hard to find in any other style of winter heels, so if you hate the cold weather, then these shoes are for you.


Heeled ankle and flat boots give you the option of wearing socks with your shoes, which adds an extra layer of protection if any water makes its way into your winter boots. snow boots also come in a range of styles, including knee-high and thigh-high boots.


Style your next fit with some super cute knee-high boots. Your inner Rihanna will be screaming with joy!


Tip 3 – Strap Yourself In!


If you want to add something boujee to your womens pumps and shoe collection, then check out a pair of self-tie strappy winter heels. Now, we know these might frighten some of you off, seeing as they are open-toed and made without much coverage.


But trust us, if you struggle with walking in pumps, then the self-tie strappy winter heels will be your new bestie. This style of winter heels gives you the option during the cooler months of the year to still flaunt your legs without being afraid of falling over due to the wet weather.


Self-tie strappy pumps can help you feel secure during a cold and wet night without worrying about slipping over or losing a shoe. Every girl knows the struggles of wearing stiletto-like shoes on a rainy night out and how it can go from good to bad in an instant.


By wearing a pair of strappy leather sandals, you will be sure not to fall over or lose your shoes during the wet and chilly season.


Tip 4 – Avoid Winter Weather!


The best tip we can offer you, girls, are to avoid the wet weather as much as possible. Wearing animal print winter heels during a rainy night can be super challenging, no matter what preventative steps you may take.


We recommend trying to avoid the wet weather on a night out so you can still rock your favourite pair of pumps no matter what the weather has in store. The best way to avoid walking through the wet weather is to wait until the rain stops when you try to move on to the next destination.


This can be a hard thing to time, but if it is possible, then it will save you some trouble when walking around. There is also the option of parking your car close by the first destination and then driving to your second. This tip will help you avoid the rain and chilly wind with ease.


Bringing a spare change of shoes on a night out can also help you get from location A to location B. This method will help you maintain the quality of your winter heels pumps and keep your feet warm and protected against wet weather. Woohoo!


Tip 5 – Heck Yes To Accessories!


Wearing your favourite pair of street style winter heels will do your outfit wonders during the colder months.


One thing we insist on you are doing before wearing them is to invest in some accessories. A selection of accessories for your winter stiletto heels will ensure your pumps last as long as possible through the cold season without getting damaged too quickly.      


For shoe heel with a stiletto base, you can grab a set of heel stoppers. These bad boys can stop your stilettos from slipping down any cracks, fresh grass or mud. These can also help the way you walk in your stilettos and make it easier for you to make your way around the town (especially with wet surfaces).


A set of gel cushions (aka half innersoles) for your low heel and high heeled sandals will also be super beneficial. These add an extra layer of comfort to your winter suede pumps – and trust us, babe, these are a game-changer too. You will feel like you are walking on clouds with these gel cushions attached to your winter heels.  


Get Ready To Add A Touch Of Spice To Your Shoe Collection!


If you have a fully booked social calendar all through the cooler months, but you are not sure if you should wear winter heels, well, here is your sign to get your hands on some new black suede shoes. We have bombarded you with all the tips and tricks we know when it comes to wearing any heels whether it may be wedding heels or winter heels, so there’s no excuse now, babe!