How To Recycle Your High Heels

Get The Most Out Of Your Heels!


Forget one-hit wonders! If you’ve ever bought a pair of high heels for an event that ended up back in their box, never to get worn again, then you already know how disappointing a one-time couple can be. If you adored them on the one day they had any use, then the sting can be even worse. Not only do you feel cheated out of whatever money you spent on your high heels, but you also lose storage space in your wardrobe. By any measure, the situation is a lose-lose.


Wildfire has some hot tips to help you get your fair share of wear out of any pair! Our gorgeous collection of high heels have the range and versatility, which means that you can enjoy them again and again!


Do you have time to plan?


At Wildfire, any of our high heels can be a two-in-one style if you shop with the right intent. If you’ve noticed that your best work shoes are looking tired, for instance, and the revelation coincides with a wedding or other function, then select a design that can suit both places.


Now, what about recycling an existing pair of Wildfire high heels?


The how-to for re-wearing formal high heels


Perhaps the easiest way to integrate a pair of former bridal high heels into your regular wardrobe is to introduce them to your work wear. A standard dressy cocktail shoe or pretty natural platform will be comfortable to match with everything from work pants to dresses. The slim silhouette on our high heels adds a touch of elegance and smooth sophistication to any woman’s wardrobe effortlessly.


If you already love wearing high heels in the office, we know you don’t need much convincing, but even ladies who wear flats, wedges, and the occasional mules at their job are sure to appreciate the lift in height and confidence that they bring!


High heels with glitter or rhinestones


If you’ve bought a style for a special event, there’s a good chance that you’ve got something with added deco. Don’t be intimidated— the fashion trends of 2019 are very accommodating when it comes to reusing these. Our favourite option is adding diamante-covered high heels to your casual collection.


A few sparkled on the toe band of your shoes lends a glamorous feel, and we love it! You’ll see everything from peep-toe slides and wedges incorporating rhinestones with casual clothes this season, so there’s no chance of looking out of place. Try a set of your embellished high heels with denim jeans, a skirt, or even overalls to help dress them down, and then enjoy the instant fashion statement.


Use a casual pair two weeks in a row


If your high heels were initially a party pair, then you should have no problem recycling them as everyday footwear, but what if you want to take them to back-to-back celebrations?


Simple— change up your outfit! High heels in tan, white, natural, or black tones are subtler and more changeable than bright colours. While a cool design might be more eye-catching and memorable, the ensemble that you pair them with can reinvent the entire look. If last time you wore your high heels with a patterned dress, for instance, then try styling them later with a block-colour jumpsuit. Swapping out your regular clutch or jewellery for something new would be a nice touch too!


We hope that helps!


Breathe new life into your high heels! We have the latest looks and trends to bring out your wild side and plenty of tricks to get the most out of them. See what Wildfire high heels can do for you today!