How to Style a Casual Outfit With Wildfire Heels!

Don’t you love how heels can glam up a casual outfit? Your usual denim jeans and white round-neck T-shirt combo get instant elevation when you wear these gorgeous shoes. It’s now possible to look so put together without much effort because all you need is an excellent pair of heels to make a difference.


Whether your casual outfit consists of jeans, shorts, skorts, skirts, dresses, or rompers, there’s a perfect shoe to complement them. But where will you find an excellent range that gives you choices? Only one brand has a collection of heels covering different heel types, heights, colours, and designs. Do you know which one?


Wildfire Shoes is the brand synonymous with excellence. Wildfire heels are a constant favourite in terms of beauty and comfort. Whenever ladies need an accessory to boost their confidence and style, these shoes are the first thing they grab from the closet. The versatility of these trans-seasonal shoes makes them an excellent investment.


If you’re ready to take that step towards a more stylish look, it’s time to make that Wildfire switch. Please let us share some tips on how you can style a casual outfit with Wildfire heels. Let’s get started!


Tip 1—Select an All-around Option You Can Maximise


Whether you want one, three, or five pairs, you can find all kinds of heels at Wildfire. But can you maximise all of them? The brand’s collection has eight subcategories: high heels, mid heels, low heels, block heels, stiletto heels, bridal &evening, platform heels, heel mules, and closed-toe. Some of these are not the first options you’ll think of for casual events, but always do your thing and get what resonates with you. Besides these eight, Wildfire also has heeled boots, sandals, square-toe heels, open-toe heels, court heels, platform shoes, kitten heels, and wedges that pair well with casual clothes. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with all these choices, so here are some easy options for boosting your casual style.


1. Block Heels


Whether you want it low, high, or platform, the key to ensuring you remain cosy in your casual clothes is the width of their bases. Block heels are thick and wide, which distribute your weight. They help spread the load instead of putting all the pressure in one place, which usually causes pain and discomfort.


Wildfire has several options for casual settings, such as brunches and backyard barbecues. These heels are perfect for outdoor wear because they are thick and do not get stuck on soft, wet, or uneven surfaces like sand or soil. Add Wildfire options like Gretchen, Quinn, and Soho to your wardrobe rotation.


Gretchen heels will transform your summer and spring casual styles effortlessly. This style option’s crystalline, translucent heel and see-through top straps give it a modern and trendy feel. Meanwhile, Quinn heels will add some edge to your casual look. With a unique lace-up style and cut-outs, these shoes remind you of gladiator sandals that made it big in the fashion scene. Lastly, Soho heels can balance your vibrant outfits with their subdued and minimalist style. The trendy slim straps and slip-on fit make wearing these shoes easy and attractive.


2. Heeled Boots


Let’s hop from open-toed options to closed ones. Heeled boots are excellent accessories for a casual look. Although most ladies think boots are only ideal for cold seasons, you can style them for summer and spring, too. Most heeled boots in the Wildfire collection come with block heels, an instant yes to comfort. Despite having heels, you can wear the Wildfire boots for extended periods and come home happy and content at the end of the day.


Some notable options you may want to consider are Cher and Alanis. Cher is the best companion to concerts and music festivals. These mid-leg cowboy boots have block heels, a pointy shape, and a soft suede-like material with unique stitch detailing, which you can wear within seconds thanks to the inner side zipper. Meanwhile, Alanis is a knee-high heeled boot that you can pair with your short dresses and skirts. Like Cher, Alanis has sturdy block heels to keep you cosy and stable. The shoes’ thick, studded straps and buckle details help you achieve an edgy, rocker vibe.


Tip 2—Use the Clothes You Have in Your Closet


It’s important to highlight that you can achieve stylish casual looks without spending too much. Clothes-wise, you don’t need an overhaul because Wildfire heels can match perfectly with what you currently have. As for the shoes themselves, Wildfire’s affordable price ranges and flexible payment options allow you to purchase them now and pay in instalments later. These styling tips are your first step to a minimalist capsule wardrobe, where heels keep it small yet stylish.


1. Shorts


It’s time to get creative. Wear your denim shorts with Quinn, the gladiator-like heels for weekend brunches. It’s casual, breezy, and stylish. You can wear it with a cute top, a plain shirt, or a white tank. Add statement necklaces or arm bangles to complete the look.


Alternatively, you can wear your shorts with Alanis and its block heels for some edginess. Add a baseball cap to balance the rocker vibe with a relaxed one.


2. Dresses


Concerts and music festivals usually bring out a boho vibe. Short Bohemian-print dresses will look amazing with Cher cowboy boots. Dance and sway to your favourite music without discomfort because the block heels keep you stable and cosy. Don’t forget to take some pictures with your OOTDs and wow everyone who follows you on social media.


You can wear a shirtdress with translucent Gretchen heels for afternoon barbecues at home. It’s simple but elegant, perfect for casual settings that require perfection.


3. Jeans


Jeans look good with everything, so whichever option among all the heels we mentioned would match perfectly. Wear skinny ones tucked inside the heeled boots. You can also take your casual look to the next level by wearing linen trousers with elegant Soho heels.


Tip 3—Choose Wildfire


Our collection of footwear is available in many styles and shoe sizes. Use our clear filters to narrow down your search and match any formal attire for a special occasion. Put your best foot forward and boost your casual look with Wildfire’s stunning women's heels. Go to the nearest retailer or shop online and grab your next favourite pair now!