How to Style Low Heels this Winter

Trying to find the perfect pair of pumps to wear during winter can be quite the challenge. It is cold, windy, and wet, which is never a fun time on a night out with friends. Wearing a pair of pumps during the cold winter months is one thing that every girl despises with a passion (even if we look super cute!).


But there are plenty of loopholes when it comes to wearing pumps during winter. However, our favourite on-trend heel shoes that can get styled with any outfit during the winter months are stunning low heels. These shoes are perfect during winter due to their versatility and comfort.


Low heels come in a mixture of styles, so you can treat yourself and stock up on a few pairs of pumps to get you through the winter months. However, if you are stuck on how to style your new favourite pair of low heels during winter, then do not fear sis; we have got you covered.


Check out our range of tips below on the perfect way to style your pair of women's low-mid heels for the cooler months of the year!


These Boots Are Made For Walking!


The perfect pair of low heel casual boots that will get you through the winter season is a set of boots. This style of low leather boots can go unnoticed as they are generally associated with casual wear. However, dress boots are making their way back into the fashion scene and are becoming the next best thing to wear during the winter season.


Ankle boots are a super versatile shoe as they can get found in a whole range of sizes, colours and shapes, making them perfect with any outfit. Currently, on-trend is the knee-high boots. These knee high boots feature a low heel but super high cut that finishes at the knee.


These are perfect to wear over a cute set of denim jeans and a cute top. If you want to take your look to the next level, why not try out a pair of thigh-high boots and style them with an oversized t-shirt dress. You will be channelling bad-girl vibes all day long (hello, Kim Kardashian!).


These outfits are gorgeous to wear on a night out, but if you are looking for a cute winter look for the daytime, then we have the style of black smooth lace up boots for you. Low heeled boots are the perfect go-to shoe for an easy daytime look.


Style these shoes with a flowy mini dress, cropped leather jacket, occasion dresses, and black stockings. If the winter weather starts to drop do minus five degrees, then add an oversized coat to your look. These knee boots styles will have you looking fashionable and on-trend all winter long.


Open-toed Pumps!


If you are planning on flaunting your freshly painted toes, then find yourself a super cute set of open-toed pumps. Low heels casual shoes with an open toe are easy to style with just about any outfit, no matter what time of day.


Open-toed low heel sandals can get worn with a cute pair of jeans and crop, plus an oversized jumper for extra warmth. Channel all kinds of chic with this simple yet effective look. Open-toed low heels may be scary to wear during the cold seasons of the year, but you will not have to worry if they are styled with a super warm fit.


These low mid height heels can turn any casual look into a semi-formal vibe and vice versa. But, of course, it doesn’t matter what style of low heels you choose to wear; you can always rely on open-toed pumps to pull your look together.


This low heel height shoe style comes in a range of colours as well, so you can be sure to grab yourself a pair (or two) and add them to your shoe collection.


Hello, Low Block Heels!


You heard that right – we are saying hello to block low heels online this winter! Similar to open-toed pumps, block lowmid heels can appear very daunting to wear during the cold season. But girl, we are sure you will love wearing a pair of womens low block heels this season.


These heels online offer the ultimate amount of comfort when wearing pumps which means they are perfect for cold weather. However, cold weather and large amounts of rainfall can make wearing open shoes or peep toe heels very difficult. We understand! This is where womens low heels online step in.


They look stunning with the simplest outfit or a full-glam look. You can slip them on and off with ease, so when you make your way home at five in the morning, you won’t have to get faced with the annoying situation of undoing your buckle heeled shoes (especially when you are cold!).


Womens low heel can effortlessly dress up your look without compromising your sense of fashion. They blend in perfectly with your outfit and will not take the focus away from your gorgeous get-up.


Trust us, babe. Low block dress shoes will be your go-to shoe this winter!


There Are Never Too Many Accessories!


When wearing midlow heels in winter, there is always an element of discomfort that you may experience. It is an inevitable fact, but we can work around it. Investing in some accessories for your new pair of low or mid heel shoes will save you plenty of pain and struggle throughout the winter season.


For closed-toe heeled sandals, try using a set of gel cushion innersoles. These are placed on the inside of your mid heel shoes around the top half of the footwear. This method adds an extra layer of comfort for you, so you will not have to be in pain all night long.


If you decide to wear low sandals in black with a stiletto-like heel, trying a set of heel stoppers will be your lifesaver. These can stabilise your walk (perfect for wet weather) and ensure you do not slip through any cracks on the footpath.


We have a sole salvation kit for the ultimate shoe care pack packed full of all the necessities. From plasters to nail filers, this pack will have you prepared for a big night out. Amazing, right?!    


Time To Get Glammed Up!


Have you been sitting on the fence about investing in a pair of low heels for a while now? Then this is your chance to get your hands on them. So get glammed up and look gorgeous with your new Wildfire low heel pumps and watch all of the compliments roll in. You deserve it, girl!