How to Style Our Best-Selling Heels!

Leaving the house looking your best is not merely to satisfy a vanity but also to ensure people you meet will remember you positively. How you carry yourself and style your clothes affects how others think of you. Isn't that why they say to always show your best foot forward?


Let's take that literally this time because your hair accessory right down to your heels creates an overall impact. Do they mesh well together? Or do they clash? Are your heels appropriate for the clothes and the event? Or are they the wrong choice?


The number of things to consider can be overwhelming, but practice helps. Styling requires knowledge of the best way to combine outfits regarding the cut, the design, and if the colours match. Wildfire heels look great, but they need complementing clothes to impress others. 


Before recommending various styling ways befitting Wildfire's best-selling heels, we need to know if you are confident. No amount of well-matched clothes can make you look good if you do not have the self-esteem to match. Imagine this scenario: you're wearing an embellished pair of Wildfire heels with an all-black outfit. The outfit alone can illicit attention, but your excellent styling will go to waste if you're hunching and hiding away from everyone. Whatever you wear, ensure that your exquisite heels have the confidence to match. 


Let's discover various ways to look your best with Wildfire heels. Let's start! 


Textured Block Heels


Wildfire has several in-demand textured block heels in the collection. These options are a sight to behold, effortlessly adding visual interest to your look. The patterns and textured material call attention, so it's best to give them the spotlight they deserve.


One such option is the mule-style slip-on block heels with two horizontal top straps in raffia material. The braided bands bring a fun, bohemian vibe, perfect for outdoor music festivals and other lively activities. This eye-catching style and the comfortable, broad base create a unique pair of block heels.


Complete the boho look by styling these best-selling shoes with miniskirts, waistcoats, denim shorts, patterned dresses, crochet tops, or loose-fitted tops with tassels and embroidery. Accessories complete the look, so add oversized sunglasses and sling or tote bags.


A second kind of our best-selling textured block heels deserving of a spot in your wardrobe are the cutouts. This online-exclusive option is available in two colours: black and natural. The shoes' self-tie design enables an adjustable fit that you can customise. The unique combination of the cutouts and lace-up style is a must-have. Wear flowy, solid-coloured cocktail dresses for a feminine vibe. For a casual vibe, choose denim, whether shorts, skirts, or jeans!


Slingback Stiletto Heels


Take your work and party look up a notch with any slingback stiletto heels from the Wildfire collection. This best-selling option is available in three colours that can mix up your formal look: black, blue, and silver. Although the pointy toes and stiletto heels remind you of a classic pair of pumps, this option differs with its slingback strap, which wraps across the back of the ankle, exposing them.


The heels' straps are stark contrasts against the exposed ankle skin, creating a silhouette that can make everyone take a second look. The straps are excellent because they can stretch and expand for a better fit. And the colours available are something else. The blue shade resembles denim, making these shoes an excellent accent against an all-black outfit. Black pantsuits with blue slingback heels are a sight in the boardroom. We bet your colleagues will pay attention to everything you have to say when you come to meetings in this look.


Meanwhile, you can wear the silver option for formal events. Silver goes well with any colour, but wearing it with bright or bold colours is best. Making a statement is the best way to get attention. Once you have theirs, the next step is to impress them with your coordinated outfit of silver heels and a white dress. Not everyone will choose to wear a white dress to a party for fear of getting wine stains on them, so do it and stun everyone!


Loafer Platform Heels


Adding staggering height to your look is one of the best ways to make people look up to you (literally and figuratively). Initial reactions to platform heels weren't receptive because of their height. Imagine wearing shoes with a height of 8cm or more. But the music played a different tune once ladies experienced the comfort of heels with a broad base at the back and platform soles in front.


This heel option became popular, with everyone wanting a piece of the cake. But if you think platform heels are fabulous, wait until you set sights on a pair of loafers with broad bases and platform soles. It will change everything.


These shoes are some of the best options for work. You get the desired elevation without the discomfort usually associated with heeled shoes. But more than the comfort it provides the ladies, the aesthetic is understated elegance. The heels' versatility makes it easy to transition from desk to dinner. And weekends are no exception, as you can wear these shoes to brunch and other gatherings. 


Styling loafer heels for work is easy. A black dress with a grey checked blazer, accessorised with a pendant necklace, always nails the look. You can quickly remove the blazer when you head to dinner and drinks. Pair your loafers with denim shorts and a shirt for a casual weekend look. Complete the look with white socks. They used to say that socks and loafers are a big no-no. But fashion trends dictate otherwise. That's the world of fashion and style for you; what was unacceptable before can be the leading trend today.


It's Time to Boost Your Style!


Boost your style with Wildfire shoes and the styling tips we shared. Be sure to add the most critical ingredient: confidence! Check out our nearest retail store or shop online for the best-selling options!


Feel confident with our wide selection of heels, which spans from mid-heels to high-heels and includes styles such as stilettos, square-toe heels, court heels, and open-toe heels. Whether you prefer low heels, like kitten heels, heel mules, platform shoes, or pumps, we have you covered. With a wide variety of affordable women's heels, Wildfire is the place to go.