How to Style Our Most Popular Heels?

Styling is essential to how you and others perceive you as a person. As much as Wildfire heels look good standing alone, they are not enough to impress others. 

When they say first impressions last, they do, so it’s vital to present them with something good they will remember for a long time.

You must know the best way to combine your outfits, considering the cut, the design, and the matching colours. Combining all these to create a look is how you present yourself to others, so you must know how to style your heels.

The first question we must know is, “Are you confident?”


The answer to this should always be a resounding yes. Because your confidence will shine through all the time, making people notice and appreciate you. 


You can influence others to do the same if you feel good about your overall style and appearance. If you’re confident and wearingWildfire heels, rest assured you've got all you need! 


Looking good is a breeze if you believe in yourself and have Wildfire heels to elevate everything.


After establishing that, let’s get to the styling part. Again, our team at Wildfire will step in and give as many suggestions as possible.


1. Gladiator Block Heels


You can choose from two colours of gladiator block heels at Wildfire: black or natural. The heels’ self-tie design allows you to adjust for the best fit. Do you want it very tight or just right? 


Either way, these shoes will make heads turn because the cut-outs and lace-up style come together for a gorgeous combination.


Because the block heels are thick and broad, they distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. As a result, you won’t notice you’re wearing them even if you spend more than four hours in them.


Gladiator block heels help elongate your legs, so we recommend wearing clothes that help accentuate them even more. You can wear these heels with flowy ones or those that fall naturally. Start with solid-coloured cocktail dresses.


Denim looks good with gladiator shoes. Dress up your shorts and plain shirt combo with these heels. Alternatively, you can match these with denim skirts and skinny jeans!


2. Slide-on Wedge Heels


These are sensational and flattering. The two thick top bands and peep-toe design give these heels an edge. Although the slide-on wedge heels come in black and tan, we recommend you choose the tan.


These wedge heels add height but keep you cosy with their cushioned feel. You do not need much to look good because these shoes have the attributes to make anyone notice. 


In addition, the contrasting colour of the wedge from the straps brings something different to the table. With these shoes making you look good and feel great, what more can you ask?


Boost your style by wearing them with sundresses and maxi dresses. These shoes are ideal for a comfortable and breathable fit in spring and summer. 


Choose short dresses that are not form-fitting. For example, wedge heels pair well with floral and t-shirt dresses because they flatter the legs and provide a slimming effect!


They work similarly well with jumpsuits and rompers since they’re a one-and-done outfit. Finally, add a denim jacket, a broad hat, and sunglasses to complete the perfect summer getaway outfit with wedge heels.


3. Slingback Stiletto Heels


Wildfire’s slingbacks come in four colours that can mix up your dressier look: black, blue, pink, and green. While they look like pumps, the difference lies in the strap that wraps across the back of your ankle, leaving them exposed instead of covered. 


In some styles, the straps stretch, while others have buckles for an adjustable fit. Choose this one if you want to try heels you don’t usually add to your closet.


These heels are perfect for formal and casual wear, versatile shoes for work, special events, and even laid-back hangs with friends. We’ve rounded up styling options you can pull out of your closet.


Why not make these slingback stiletto heels the focal point of your look? Choose the pink one and pair it with an all-black look: mom jeans and a crop top. 


These heels look great with denim—experiment with the green slingbacks, pairing them with jean shorts and a white button-up. Accessorise the look with chunky hoop earrings and a matching greenclutch from Wildfire.


On top of casual wear, slingbacks are appropriate for work—wear them with slacks, trousers, and a long-sleeved sweater. However, not everyone can stand up for hours in stilettos, which can hurt and strain. 


Make yourself comfortable by using heel stoppers, grips, and gel cushions.


How to soothe your feet after wearing heels?


Wearing shoes that add height, even the most comfortable ones, can cause sore feet because the balls of your feet are not in their natural state. So the Wildfire team gathered ways to relieve them after hours of wearing heels.


  • It’s best to rest your feet for a day or two by walking barefoot or using flats to ease the swelling. In extreme cases where they remain inflamed, use ice to tame the bulge.

  • Treat yourself to a mini spa. Soak your feet in a large bowl of warm water to soothe the muscles.

  • Wearing heels for hours is comparable to exercising, with your muscles overworked and strained. Stretch them by rolling your ankles clockwise and counter-clockwise. 


Release any remaining tension by flexing your toes back and forth and moving the bottom of your feet on a tennis ball.


Time to Mix and Match!


Allow a pair of Wildfire heels to improve your style. Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer to try on some of the beautiful pieces. You can also shop online from the website and enjoy discount coupons and vouchers! 


The styling tips elevate your look and boost your self-confidence.


Wildfire covers you, whether you're searching for a go-to pair for formal attire on a special occasion or a pair of the season's hottest trends. 


For warmer months, wedges and platform shoes are an excellent choice, and their selection of strapped stilettos will ensure that you always look your best.


Wildfire carries various women's shoes that will "soon-be-your-favourite-pair-of-heels" that you can wear from the office to a night on the town. 


Heels are available in many styles, such as the classic stiletto, open-toe, block, square, kitten, and platform. 


In addition, there is a wide selection of court heels, high heels, mid heels, low heels, heel mules, and pumps available to accommodate a range of foot types and sizes.