How To Style Your Block Heels With Your Winter Wardrobe

There’s no denying that block heels are an icon in the shoe world, and as we transition into the cooler winter months, that doesn’t mean you need to store your block heel sandal away just yet.


Womens block heels aren’t only restricted to warmer weather, and you can most definitely rock these chunky styles throughout the cooler months too.


Lucky for you, we’ll do one better. So, just like all our shoe ranges, you can guarantee that our block platform heels will get you through all winter!


Read on as we take you through our favourite ways to style mid heel block shoes this season and elevate your everyday looks.


Kitten Block Heels


Bag yourself a pair of nude leather kitten block heels to get you through your everyday looks. The beauty of these casual shoes is that they are incredibly versatile and comfortable, and stylish.


You will have no trouble at all pairing these chunky numbers with almost anything in your wardrobe.


That’s right, from work to weekend lunches and even special events, you can guarantee that nine west inspired kitten block heels will quickly become one of your favourite go-to shoes, whatever the occasion!


If you are dressing for the office, then there are no limits to wearing these dress shoes favourites.


However, as winter well and truly sets in, more and more women will be opting to wear pants over spring summer skirts and dresses, so we will show you some trendy ways to style these block heels this season!


Try pairing some slip-on a pair of heels with some high waisted wide-leg pants, complete the look with a cropped knit, and if you wish, finish off with a long line blazer.


For another pant option, why not try pairing a strappy pair of block heels with slim-legged pants and put it together with a flowy blouse that’s been slightly tucked in at the front for added shape.


But don’t be afraid to pair these low heels with skirts either; opt for a knitted tube skirt option, paired with a matching knit top and finish off with a pair of chunky block heels.


As we said, the options are endless for these versatile kitten styles, and it doesn’t stop there either. You’ll have no trouble at all pairing these chunky favourite with your favourite weekend looks either.


Read On, And We’ll Show You How!


We are sure your weekend uniform consists of your comfy denim, so we’re going to show you some fantastic ways to incorporate this comfort block heel into your Saturday and Sunday effortless attire too.


Since block heels feature a smaller, chunkier style heel, they don’t give off an overly dressy look as a stiletto style would. Therefore, it makes it much easier to style these shoes with your everyday attire without looking overdressed!


When it comes to weekend style, you won't have to change too much. Just adding a pair of block heels will slightly elevate your look without looking overdone.


The next time you’re getting ready for Sunday lunch with the girls, why not try substituting your sneakers, slides, or Birks for a pair of block heels instead? As we said, adding these chunky favourites to an everyday look will add a little something to a usually ordinary outfit.


We love seeing toe heels being styled with jeans for weekend looks, and we recommend opting for a pair of high waisted straight-legged jeans, throw on a chunky cropped knit and finish off with a pair of open-toed block heel booties.


The beauty of this shoe style is the fact that they are more closed than open, so just like a pair of heeled boots, you can guarantee that our open-toed booties will keep you from freezing your toes off!


We know what you’re probably thinking; ‘it’s getting far too cold to wear a pair of strappy heeled shoes! So why not take a look at our block heeled boots instead?


Boots With Block Heels


Since dress boots are so popular, why not sport them on your favourite winter shoes too?


Keep toasty and warm all winter long in a pair of casual boots, and just like our toe sandals style, black leather boots are incredibly versatile, meaning you’ll be able to wear them to the office, after-work drinks and events on the weekends too!


What More Could You Ask For In A Pair Of Shoes?


The majority of our boots feature block heeled boots, rounded, pointed or even square toes in a range of heights, including ankle, knee-high and over the knee heights too. With this kind of variety, you should have no trouble finding the perfect pair for your shoe size!


Styling Knee-High Boots


When it comes to dressing these heeled boots up, we recommend pairing a knee-high pair with a lovely flowy midi dress.


Choose a dress that features florals and warm tones and blouse-like sleeves, pair it with a pair of tan leather knee-high boots and even add a tan belt if you wish, and voila, you’re done!


A dress that you thought could only be styled with mule heels has been given an all-new look just by styling it with a different pair of shoes.


Styling Ankle Boots


When it comes to styling your ankle boots, we recommend limiting them to your jeans and mini styles only.


Similarly to how we recommend pairing your weekend block heels with denim, swap out the block heels for a pair of Chelsea boots instead. Or, if you’re trying to take a step away from denim, then why not try pairing ankle boots with an a-line mini skirt, tights and finish off with a knit top.


This sort of look is perfect for office or weekend wear, so you will have no trouble at all finding opportunities to give this look a try!


Have We Convinced You Yet?


See, we told you, block heels aren’t only limited to the warmer months! So continue wearing your block leather heels throughout the cooler winter months.


What’s great about this style is its versatility; take these styles from the office to weekend wear and right on through to special occasions.


Do yourself a favour and head on over to Wildfire and pick up a pair or two of low stiletto heels that will elevate your winter wardrobe in no time at all!