How To Style Your Boots This Winter!

Your Guide To Wearing Boots


Are you searching for styling tips? Read on for Wildfire’s favourite looks and combinations with winter boots in 2019! We have shoes that can work formally, casually, and anywhere in-between.


Pick a trendy pattern


Since our over-the-knee boots come in a solid black finish, pairing them with brazen and exciting prints is easy. Where other shades could clash unattractively with animal prints or vibrant florals, our boots can complement patterns effortlessly. If you’re looking to experiment with this year’s most daring trends, then our shoes will help you pull them off.


We recommend a spotty leopard coat or snakeskin throw-over during winter, but silky blouses will do fine during autumn.


Try wearing your boots with your warm-weather wear


Nothing says festive quite like a springtime jumpsuit or little party dress, but these can be hard to take out when the weather is bleak. Usually, you’ll end up trying to keep warm by adding stockings, tights, or some other unattractive under-layer, and end up feeling cheated. Put an end to the struggle with our thigh-high boots!


Since they reach well past your knees, it will be easy to wear skirts and other short-cut clothes with your winter boots. You’ll enjoy the warmth and soft feel of faux suede fabric against your skin every time that you put them on this season. Plus, we love seeing a little skin in the divide for a fun and flirty feel!


Keep things simple with your much-loved jeans


Do you want to stick to the basics? No problem!


Our thigh-high boots look great with all of your winter basics, whether that’s a favourite pair of jeans or some stretchy leggings. Black-on-black looks sharp and chic, but we think blue jeans can make your boots stand out!


Accessorise to perfection


Still looking for a way to pull your look together? Need a final link to complete the ultimate winter outfit? Accessorising with our boots is almost effortless.


Scarves are an obvious choice to match with your boots during cold weather, as they are as useful as they are fashionable. The same can be said for clutches and purses.


But in 2019, our top accessories to match with your boots are hair scarves and scrunchies. These accessories have had a massive popularity spike in recent months and we’re all for it! Make sure that you try some this season!


Take boots to formal events


Are you sick of freezing your toes off in stilettos during chilly formal events? It is time to change things up and add intrigue to your ensembles? Tall boots from Wildfire can reinvent and revitalise your look this winter!


The block heels bring a dressy and elegant element to the game and flourish in venues where flat styles would fall short. Not only do they make your legs look great, but our heeled boots are a practical pick for wear outdoors and on uneven surfaces.


Go cosy and casual with your best jumpers!


Our tall boots make a gorgeous pairing with over large knits and sweater dresses. If you love the look of puffy pullovers but are scared of looking like a shapeless swathed blob, then our sleek boots can slim down your look. Skinny boots and thick jumpers balance each other out and make your cosiest casual wear seem less like pyjamas and more like a fun fashion look. Besides, you’ll be comfy and warm all day long!


Are you ready to get creative?


Unleash your wild side with a new pair of thigh-high boots. These attention-grabbing block heels will revolutionise your winter outfits and bring comfort you won’t believe. Jump online and see the full Wildfire collection now!