How To Style Your Low Heels This Winter

Wildfire has the best winter styling tips for your low heels! The cold weather is on the way, and it’s time to start thinking about how to coordinate your favourite casual shoes with your winter wardrobe. We’d love to help get you started on the right foot!

Our classic casual shoes and low heels are easy to wear with formal outfits!


These gorgeous shoes get the trendy features that our tall platform heels do, and with the same variety of colours, shades and wide fit sizes from our size guide.  The only thing that sets many of our low heels and high ones is the length of their platform heels.


So, you won’t ever need to feel like you’re giving up style for comfort when you pick short stiletto heels, wedge sandals, or platform heels. If you aren’t comfortable wearing sky-high block heel pump for more than a few hours, then this is the year to take advantage of the beautiful low heels Wildfire has available.


We won’t dedicate too much time to styling tips for formal settings. After all, you can wear any outfit you would pair with a party dress or formal look with your low heels. However, we’d be happy to make a quick recommendation and help get you inspired for your next shop! 


We’ve noticed lots of low heels inspired by 90s fashion around right now, and if that sounds like something you’re interested in, then our curved stiletto heels should go in your shopping cart! These pretty block heel pump and black pump heel sandal have a mule top strappy low block heels and cute peep toe.


Retro low heels in this look come in black, natural, and white. There’s even a version with a see-through top strap that you might like too. Whichever shade you choose, low heels in this style will be a perfect pairing with formal outfits!

Do you want to wear your shoes with casual outfits?


One of the best things about our short platform heels is that they’re super comfortable. While the steep incline of tall stiletto heels can leave you with sore feet, achy ankles, and tender tendons, our low heels offer hours of effortless comfort.


Even if you rarely wear shoes like platform heels, you won’t feel awkward or shaky when you step out in our short stiletto heels, wedge sandals, and block heel shoe styles. Knowing that, why wouldn’t you integrate low heels into your everyday outfits?


A tiny pair of platform heels can give your favourite jeans-and-tee combination an instant style boost. Many of our strappy low heels look similar to our flat sandals so that they won’t look out of place with your casual attire.


This season, we think that the best low heels to wear with your everyday outfits are wedge sandals and block-based styles. You’ll find a bunch of wedge sandals at Wildfire this season, but the trendiest are ones with thick top straps and contrasting soles.


These low heels will bring summer vibes throughout winter! So, do you want to know which block heel shoe designs are our top choice with casual clothes? This season, we love colourful low heels with a single braided toe post strap. We’ve got ones in pale purple, green, pink, and more for you to try in 2021!

Have you picked low heels with a trendy pattern?


This season, we’ve seen shoes with crocodile and lizard-style texture everywhere! Last year, snakeskin and leopard print were the hot animal-inspired trends on everyone’s low heels, but there is a new contender for the hearts of our customers.


As such, we’ve updated some of our most beloved platform heels with a version in stylish crocodile finish, and even brought in some brand new shoes especially! Before we move on, we do have a quick disclaimer to tell you about the scaly material on our low heels (to be safe).


Here at Wildfire, our synthetic styles of casual boots , dress boots, comfort sandals, and flat boots (including crocodile and lizard skin heeled boots) are all vegan-friendly and get made without the use of any animal products or products. So, there’s no need to hesitate when you want to buy low heels with crocodile texture!


Now that we’ve clarified that, it’s time that we moved on to styling tips! Do your low heels have a distinctive texture? Well then, you have a few options for how to coordinate your outfit around them.


One way is to look for an article of clothing or an accessory with the same texture. If you can match your scaly low heels with a jacket, handbag, or something like that, then your whole ensemble will feel on-point!


Your second option is to use your casual shoes as the feature point of your look. When you want to dress up a block-coloured dress, a work outfit, or your winter basics, you can use textured comfort sandals like low heels to liven things up!

How do you style low heels with winter clothes?


You won’t have any trouble matching slide-on stiletto heels and platform heels with shorts, dresses, or skirts. However, since we’re talking about how to style your low heels with winter clothes, we thought it would be a good idea to cover what you should do with longer items.


After all, unless you’re wearing tall knee high boots that cover your legs (which you can find at Wildfire), you’ll probably stick to cold-weather clothing. 


Jeans, long pants, maxi skirts, and long dresses dominate most women’s winter wardrobe, which means those are the items you’ll need your low heels like low block heel comfort sandals to suit.


Luckily, Wildfire has some easy styling tips that you can follow! Firstly, backless, low heels are the best type of casual shoes, casual boots and comfort sandals to wear with ankle-length skirts, culottes, and long pants!


The reasoning behind this is simple— if you wear womens low heel shoes with fun ankle features, you won’t see them underneath these clothes, which is a complete waste. Low heels with open backs have their best decorations on the top or sides, so you’ll still be able to show them off!


Following that logic, the ideal clothes to pair with strappy low  platform heels are cut-off jeans and other calf-length bottoms. As long as there’s a gap between the end of your clothes and the stunning wraparound or self-tie ankle straps, they’ll make a trendy pairing!

We hope you’re feeling more confident about styling low heels now!


Do you want more trend tips from the Wildfire team? Check out another of our handy articles! Otherwise, go and take a look at our low heels!