How To Train Your Feet To Walk In High Heels

For some women wearing high heels can become a dreaded task and can strike fear in the heart of any woman. For some women, they just don’t resonate with wearing womens high heel and have just felt more comfortable in a pair of flats instead, and that’s ok. However, sometimes an occasion may arise where you may need to wear a pair of high heels. So, we are here to give you some simple tips and tricks on how to train your feet in walking in heel height shoes.

Regardless of your circumstances, whether you have taken a hiatus from wearing them, or you are a young girl who has never worn heeled sandals but would like to start, or you’re a woman who has never worn heels pump and would like to start, whatever your reason, its never too late to start wearing heels shoes.

Trust us, it's not as daunting as you may think, once you get the hang of it, you will feel a whole lot more comfortable walking in stiletto heels as time goes!

It All Starts With Leg Strength


You may not think it, but going from flats to high platform heel takes a lot of leg strength, balance, and mobility. Without wreaking havoc on your feet and legs, don’t go from flats to sky-high stiletto heels all at once; take some time to prepare your feet and legs first. When you are moving from flat shoes to a low heel, there is such a vast difference between foot positions, so to put yourself out of any injury you need to ensure you are fully prepared.

Work Your Ankles, Calves And Arches


It’s important to strengthen your ankles and calves and increase your arch flexibility when training your feet to walk in womens heels. To prepare yourself you can do some exercises that you will find in barre or ballet classes, below are just a few exercises that you could do from the comfort of your own home to prepare your feet:


  • Ankle Circles – Rotate your ankles clockwise and anti-clockwise 5 times each way, per foot
  • Heel Raises – Ensure your feet are parallel and continue 15-20 repetitions
  • Toe Raises – Ensure you keep your feet flat on the floor, raise your toes to the ceiling and continue for 15-20 repetitions
  • “4” Position - Sitting on the floor with one ankle crossed over the opposite knee (in the “4” position), pull the toes and front part of the foot towards you for a few seconds. Repeat 4 times
  • “4” Position Stretch – In the same “4” position, hold your heel with one hand and push the top of the foot away from your body and stretch the arch, then release after a few seconds. Repeat 4 times.

By doing these exercises before slipping into a pair of high heels will assist with training your feet to adapt to walking in a pair of wedge sandals or shoes that has a taller heel than you’re used to. Not many people will see the benefits in doing these strengthening exercises, however, jumping into a pair of toe heels that you just bought before preparing your feet and legs will only increase the risk of injury.

So, now that you’ve strengthened your arches, it's time to put your high heels on!

Start Low In A Kitten Style


However, before you jump into a tall pair of black heels stiletto, we recommend starting with a kitten style that won’t be a huge shock to your system! If you decide to start low, then of course we have the perfect low heel kitten styles for you.

Kitten styles feature a small heel height in comparison to a stiletto style, therefore you will only be elevated off the floor slightly rather than towering much taller. It won’t be such a shock to your system when you are sporting a kitten style. The beauty of these shoes is their diverse styles, since you aren’t the most experienced heels wearer, then do yourself a favour and choose a style that has a black leather  ankle strap and buckle and a pair that sports a chunky block high heel. A block heeled shape will keep you more stable and secure throughout you wearing the heeled sandals. While the ankle straps and secure buckles will keep your feet in place with minimal movement. Unlike a slip-on style or a style with a thin stiletto that may have you feeling uneasy while wearing them, give a block kitten style a try and we are sure your transition from flats to a heel height shoes will be as kseamless as possible!

Give A Pair Of Wedges A Try


For a style that will be even more secure and stable, then why not give a pair of mid heel wedges a try? For women who aren’t completely comfortable wearing a pair of high heels, then you can bet that these mid heel shoes will keep you comfortable all night long!

Wedges are a great option for women who aren’t comfortable wearing high heels; these mid heel shoes will still add some height and elevation to your look without the discomfort of wearing high heels. Feel completely secure in our wedges; the wide toe strap and wrap around ankle strap will have your feet looking trendy in the contrasting platform wedge and completely comfortable all day long.  

Make a cool fashion statement in a pair of Wildfire’s heel height wedges! The beauty of these shoes is their versatility; you will be able to wear wedges with your work outfits, casual weekend wear and even eveningwear. Our wedges are perfect for the ladies who don’t enjoy wearing heeled boots and shoes; these are a great alternative to take your outfit to a level of sophistication without the discomfort of high heels!

Wear Your Shoes In


Now that you’ve found your perfect pair of high heels, it’s now time to wear your shoes around the house and practise mastering your walk in them! Not only will this allow your feet to adjust into wearing a new style of shoes, but it will also get you used to walking around in a pair of designer brands heels. The last thing you want to do is attend an event without having mastered walking in your new heels shoes, this will only cause you a lot of discomfort and embarrassment if they cause you to stumble while walking!

What Have You Got To Lose?

Now that we’ve given you our tips and tricks on how to train your feet to walk in high heels, then what have you got to lose? Give our tips a try and buy the right pair of high heels that will keep you supported and looking stylish as ever!

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