How To Update Your Shoes For Summer

Are you ready to update your collection with new summer shoes? Let Wildfire help you get prepared. We’ve got some simple tips and recommendations that should speed things along. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, we’re confident that you’ll know what to do! Shall we get started?


Check which summer shoes need replacing!

Are your casual slides looking sad and tired? Have you worn out your favourite summer shoes for formal events? Do your heels fail to give you inspiration for a new outfit combination? There are all sorts of reasons that you might need a new pair of summer shoes. But, we’re mindful that a lot of ladies like to do their shopping on a budget, even when they’ve decided to treat themselves. So, before you start browsing our collection and adding summer shoes to your shopping cart, have a comb through your existing styles. Write yourself a little list of which pairs you desperately need to replace in 2020, and then the ones that you’re simply getting bored with now. Are there any recent trends or types of summer shoes that you’re dying to have on your feet? Add those to the list too; there’s sure to be some crossover! 


Take a look at our New Arrivals section!

Looking for trendy summer shoes? Do you want to know what’s new in at Wildfire? The next time you shop online with us, click on the new Arrivals heading at the top of the home page. You get transported to a new page with all of our latest summer shoes in a convenient collection. Have a scroll through and see the most recent designs and hottest trends in the range. We tend to cycle through our newest summer shoes fairly quickly, so be sure that you check regularly if you don’t want to miss any. Otherwise, you can do things the old fashioned way and have a scroll through our entire collection!  


Check the Trends category on our website!

Did you know that we have a few small categories devoted to the most stylish summer shoes of the season? It’s true! Last year, you would have seen sections devoted to designs with animal print (like leopard spots or smooth snakeskin) or espadrille wedges. In 2020, we’ve updated the Trends section with a whole host of new summer shoes. We’re sure you’ll love looking through these fresh designs, and we guarantee that these stylish pairs will liven up your collection. This is an easy and fast way to get a look at the hottest trends, so take advantage of it the next time you shop for summer shoes at Wildfire! 


Do you want to know which designs we’re recommending right now?

We’d love to give you some pointers in 2020 so that you can start the season off on the right foot (and the right summer shoes)! Let’s talk heels first. Some of our best-loved pairs this year are summer shoes with cake stand heels straight out of the 90s. The curved platform will liven up your formal outfits, for sure! What about some new textures? Well, faux suede is still going strong, but crocodile summer shoes are the ones that you really need to try! These subtle and beautiful leather-look designs will keep your look cutting-edge. Give our flatforms or wedges a go as well! These padded platforms make great casual and formal summer shoes, so you’re sure to get your fair share of wear from them. 



Did you find this article helpful?

We hope you did! Now that you know the best way to update your summer shoes and the types of trends we love at Wildfire in 2020, it’s time to shop! Jump online and browse the Wildfire website today!